Star Citizen Physics Grid Demonstration

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So, I get asked on stream a lot, “what makes Star Citizen different from other games?”. My answer is always the physics grid. So, here is a small video demonstrating that….

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Music used is “It’s Worth A Shot” by Utho Riley


TheCalcaholic says:

Very unrealistic, but cool.

Sao Saoldian says:

excellent demo!

Shahraman says:

Where are the awesome physics? Shouldn't the character be also spinning when getting out of the ship? You know… inertia, momentum, zero friction…

conorbls says:

such a fag

Ponticum 81 says:

I like this Vid 🙂
You show on the simple way why Star Citizen become a great Game 🙂
Thanks a lot!

Monk Gaming says:

That was a fantastically succinct way to showcase a very complicated game mechanic! I loved it! The only thing that would have made it better would have been having a friend on the ground waving at you. ;)

sortitus says:

Great video! This gives me an idea of another demonstration that could go with it: landing upside down on a pad and walking out the back. You'd get a nice example of what happens when one physics grid goes inside another.

EDIT: Just tested it with an Avenger, and it works really well. Face the front of the ship and go into third person camera, then sprint backward out the door and you'll see your character flip 180 and land feet first on the pad. Would have been cooler if it triggered the falling animation, but still a nice demonstration of the physics grids even if the characters don't do what you'd expect.

SpetS says:

You can do this in Space Engineers too, although not in MP… yet

CornerrecordZ says:

Wait! Can this happen in real life? And how close to that would it look?

ErgonomicChair says:

Usually when your ship is spinning like that and you are in EVA, though, its flying away at 80m/s and impossible to catch haha. Nice video though.

Kukifikator says:

Now try firing at someone outside of your physics grid. I wonder if that is going to go so well. (handheld weapon)

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