Nobel-Prize Winning Physics Explained Through Pastry

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A member of the Nobel committee used pastries to explain the science that won this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics. The award was given to three physicists for revealing secrets behind unusual properties of matter.

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Taxtro says:

This explains nothing. I will look into this more in depth when I have the time.

Cory Curtis says:

I can't even pay attention because of some genius' microphone constantly f***ing rubbing!

James Bond says:

the study of geometrical properties and spatial relations unaffected by the continuous change of shape or size of figures. is what topology is but if a bagel has more dough then another one the hole may be bigger so its affected by a continuous change of shape am i right? or did you just use a bad example to explain it? :D

care no says:

that deep breathing tho… seems suspicious

John Howard says:

Yeah, OK, but what about cinnamon bagels?

Higgins2001 says:

absolutely fascinating! the analogy really helped, glad they included it (i took topology in undergrad, and still barely understand the foundational concept of their research)

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