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In Part 1 Professor Fink gives the definition of Biology and then develops what is the purpose of Science. Some concepts related to the Philosophy of Science are presented, including 3 Assumptions (Axioms) of Science. Then the steps in the Scientific Method are described. Professor Fink uses the famous example of Francesco Redi’s 16th century disproof of the “Spontaneous Generation of Life” as an example of a Controlled Experiment (Test Study plus Control Study), and its replacement by the modern Scientific Theory of Biogenesis.

Check-out professor fink’s web-site or additional resources in Biology, Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology:

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Elena K says:

Would be great to be able to test the new knowledge!! Are there tests anywhere for these lectures, Professor Fink?

Jenine Sorisantos says:

my bio 3 (intro to bio) professor didn't teach me the information in a way that made it stick like you do. He just had us memorize paragraphs and if we didn't write it down verbatim for the test, he counted it as wrong! I am at LACC. Wish I started all my science classes at WLAC with you as the professor. But thank you for uploading all your videos. I plan to watch all of them- I'm planning on being a nurse 🙂 I wish you had a microbiology playlist! It's ok though!

Nicole Sedillo says:

What happened at the end where it jumped from data being collected at about 53:49 to here you're talking about New Drugs for Cancer only a few seconds later. Is part of the lecture missing and if so, is it in another video?

Nicole Sedillo says:

I'm looking into going back to school for Evolutionary Biology, however, I need a good solid base in biology before I begin back to school, (I'm 31yrs old, but better late then never to discover your passion). Anyway, I was wondering what books you use and recommend so that I can get a nice base before classes start in August. I am really enjoying your lectures and wanted to thank you for this.

Dade Son of Sempai says:

Very interesting and appealing teaching Mr. Fink, sure wish I could have had a professor like you when I was in high school. I've always liked the science of biology.

JAF IbakaChuckDingo says:

Thank you for this great Video! It has excellent content and great humor is the teaching style. Where can i get the remainder of the video whether purchase or stream ? @professorfink

Chaskanhawi says:

English is my second language and I can understand you everything, you speak clear and clean. Thank you professor

nurcan karakus says:

Best teacher ever! Thank you so much Professor Fink.

Dan Rodriguez says:

I dont know why professor fink always makes me remember Walter White O_o hahaha

Lllee Le says:

thanks a million for your fabulous lectures. it was just like i sit in front of you.

Heather McLemore says:

wow.. WHAT? "We will interpret it as…".?. That was disappointing Professor. Why even mention this root if you do not TEACH the accurate definition/ meaning?

Logos is the Divine understanding of the Universe/ world. That God created all that we see so that we can understand it.

Science was created by the religious. Nearly every father of the diciplines w/in science were PPPriests/ Monks/ or very religious.. That was very disappointing :(

Bruel Wohou says:

You are a true professor. You explains truly well. I want to be as smart as you are

bless1012 says:

I just LOVE your lectures, ALL OF THEM!! Ah, professor Fink, you are so good. 

radiodiosayudame says:

I love you Professor Fink :)

Michael McKinney says:

You are the best!

bless1012 says:

Ah, I miss you, professor Fink. You are still the best teacher I have ever had.

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