Build Your Freelance Web Design Business Using WordPress – My Story And Lessons Learned

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Take a few minutes with this video so that we can get to know each other. 🙂

It is my goal in 2013 to teach you the how to become great at freelance web design and how to build your business using just WordPress. That is to say, how you can make your passion into your livelihood.

Specifically, I’m going to share with you my six years of online experience, helping thousands of customers to monetize their talents and turn their dreams into reality. Freelancers such as yourself are incredibly gifted in design and are very creative, but notoriously weak at maximizing the return on their time invested. We will change that together.

Using open source software from the WordPress community, our new video series will explore:

– how to think like a business person (key to being successful freelance web designer).
– identify customers
– clarify the pain that you can solve for them
– build relationships
– build a brand for yourself
– and basically create a recurring-revenue business that enables the lifestyle you always wanted.

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Victor Mendoza says:

To me a real web developer uses Dreamweaver and codes along with designs in a small setting. But these videos are helpful. Keep it up. I may just watch all of them.

Rohan Ghosh says:

I am a software engineer and have basic knowledge of Java,J2EE,MySql etc. I want to work as a freelancer but as I have just completed my Bachelors and don't have any experience in developing wordpress projects so how can I start?Without experience I know I'm not going to get any project so how to get that 1st project?


Hi. Im A beginner. Is it okay to start WordPress business to make website without any knowledge of coding? and if yes? How should I present WordPress themes tto clients without showing its price? and if the Client wants specific changes to the theme how can I change it? says:

@Jeff Wallace – Sorry to disappoint, but we're not only HERE, but we're thriving, and have over 15,000 other freelancers at who have also succeeded with the Freelance Lifestyle. Maybe you should come over and try for yourself before you count us out? And, btw… we demonstrate almost daily our own freelance success and clients… nothing "over" about it 😉 (ps – I'm going to be 50 this year… and Freelance allows the kind of life that promotes a youthful outlook ). Spence

JakePlayzEverything says:

When I design a website I use notepad++

Miguel Angel Rincon says:

Great content. Thanks

Asar Morris says:


patkellyt1 says:

This was helpful

KeyUpLife says:

boss tingz!

Johnnyboy Gomez says:

So…… where are the subsequent videos? This one is great.

mantu malakar says:

hello, Thanks for this great video, please give some light over getting clients for my small company . :)

Jeff Wallace says:

When I see someone saying they make money doing this or that, and they want to teach you how to do the same thing…that usually means that the ship has sail, the fairytale is over, too many people figured it out and so the competition is now to make money off of the late arrivals by "bringing them in". I'm afraid this is not going to be your golden ticket Joe pool guy. Go to school, I don't care what age you are, how many years altogether have you spent working your ass off to get through a shortcut to what you want and never got there? Honestly? Cause I'm 35 and I spent about 30 soooooo…don't let culture sell you selling. that's a pyramid scheme and it creates nothing. It just moves money around until it lands in the next guys pocket. Your good enough for the real thing.

digitalsketchguy says:

I found WordPress an utter nightmare for the majority of clients. Because of the sheer number of themes and plugins, it's a headache when clients keep coming back complaining about incompatibility issues, why their slider won't work, why they got hacked..etc. I have moved to a simple cms for small business users.

Rich Leonard says:

and the link to the 'Video Series' is ???????

Mirko Marek says:

Oh my….
It takes more than just Photoshop and wordpress to create a good side.

Davis Brown says:

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Rob Barry says:

Where's the next video??

Elaine Duncan says:

Hello, I have created a small 10 question forum and I was hoping if you could take the time to look over it and answer a few questions it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

Sean Donnahoe says:

Just found this series and I have to say I am super psyched. I'm really looking forward to watching more on this subject. Being a 44 year old graphic designer who has been working for someone else for the past 30 years, I am eager to get in some freelance work in order to offset my income.

Abdirizak Hersi says:

Hey Spence "The Evil Genius" Nice One Mate, Just asking here, Which videos will show me " How I Can Make A $500 Dollars A Day" As Web Designer/Developer, Which I'm, I went to ur Youtube Channel but I can't find it because u didn't say the name of the Video, Thanks Mate, Liking ur Style Mate, says:

I like the Seth Godin part, but if you are a freelancer and people hired you because of the price – they usually are not willing to pay extra for some subscription. Actually for over 10 years of web design I recall only one case in which a company agreed to pay a subscription for updates and content changes.

Nice background light.

Bulumko Papu says:


Jamie Fyfe says:

Great video! I am just starting my WordPress / S.E.O journey. I am currently in real estate and always had a passion for marketing! For the last 3-4 months I have been obsessed with learning and ultimately realising that it is possible to create and design as well as come up with the marketing ideas and strategies as done before. EVEN Better yet, i have mentioned this to some of my friends and other professionals who basically offered me business straight away! This highlighted that there is so much opportunity out there, I now just have focus on making sure 'my brand' & basic ability will be refined enough prior to taking on this venture. I had no idea this was even possible a year ago….even 6 months ago and i'm 25! Thanks for the video and advice, it's really Great to see how passionate people are, especially that your willing to help others through your success! Jamie :)

Ahmed Musawir says:

Really awesome and helpful for a 40yr old systems analyst trying to break into web dev ….

Tim Gillespie says:

Do you have any recommendations for helping with putting together quotes for designing wordpress based websites for people?

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