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Eli The Computer Guy YouTube Channel:

Interview With Eli The Computer Guy On Software Development & Career

YEAH! YEAH! That just happened guys… Here he is… The amazing Eli The Computer Guy decided to join Simple Programmer for an amazing talk with me.

First of all I would like to thank Eli. Eli is an amazing guy and he finally decided to join me for this amazing talk. I know a lot of you guys were requesting this talk and it was amazing that we finally made that happen.

So, Eli and I discussed a lot of things. As you guys know, we both have history on the software development field and we have gone through a lot of stuff. Me and Eli started on the internet a while ago and we’ve been building this amazing career and tutorials over time.

Eli talks about what are the best practices for new software developers and how he made the transition from his old Linux tutorials into this more career/interview/personal life type of channel nowadays.

We discussed how new programmers can build a solid career. And I suggest that you listen to this guy because he is freaking amazing.

Wanna know more? Watch this video and find out! As he likes to say… come get a coffee with us 😉

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Interview With Eli The Computer Guy On Software Development & Career
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Rosmin Jabines says:

Omg. i've been waiting for thisssss. thanks john!

Theodore Anderson says:

Good interview, John! Thanks again for coming on my channel last night for the interview. Always appreciate the insight and wisdom. Cheers!

SheRagesAlot says:

I go to school for software development :)

Christopher Johnson says:

Great interview, it really helped put me in the right mindset for the day.

Aurelian Spodarec says:

Haha, look at 24:27, you are simple programmer, and Eli goes and talks about programming, but you are more of a life coach , rather than programming hehe 😀

I love it lol

You know what I hate about traiditonal education? Exactly what just Eli said, "I'm feeling Im doing soemthing, and I'm comfortable" – at the end, in the real world, that's going to be BS and doens't work like that, most of the times. Lol basically all you have talked about.

Reinforcing is very good, that's how i learn coding. I learn coding, and then i re-do the basics, and then i re-do them again, and I get soo much better at it, not the very very basics, that's a lil waste of time for me to do, but there is soo much to learn still on other areas about the same things.

Even you talked about it John, about reinforinc what you know in some of your videos, I totally agree with it. Some things i have learned, will not stick, i need to do lt like 3 or so times, or watch or whatever. overall i like to brainstorm my self with everything lol same topic from different yt videos, articles and platforms.

BooshDakta phil says:

I thought eli was banned for life, after the whole hacking fiasco. He's a great strory teller, good interview.

RainbowCrazyMonkey says:


Aurelian Spodarec says:

Holly :DDDD This is what I was waiting for! Now let me watch it :D

Paul Garcia says:

Wow I didn't know you knew who Eli was

NikonSanz says:

you da man john. 2 living legends of the game. well done.

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