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The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has begun an investigation into whether marketing for No Man’s Sky has misled consumers.

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Henry Niemi says:

Hello Games should be sued for making the ugliest game ever. Seriously, whoever was head of art design for NMS musta been clinically insane. NMS is so ugly, it makes you puke all over your controller whenever you land in one of the horrendously hideous planets.

BoydofZINJ says:

Do not be glad… At worse this agency sends them a letter of what they did wrong. This agency does not sue… and does not reimburse people who bought falsely wrong games or advertisements. At worse, this is a slap on the rest… and Hello Games is still rich with your money

Dertheante says:

I hope this is a lesson to all who get hyped and pre order games, and also a lesson to indie game devs to be more humble and honest in the future.

Lawrence Gillespie says:

I think they shouldn't limit themselves to only the Steam page. Any video that has Sean Murray talking about the game that is view-able by UK citizens should also be considered. It seems he was talking about how he wished the game would work, and perhaps one day, everything he promised will there. In the meantime, Sean should enjoy his millions of dollars while he can.

Chuck says:

Content = wide as an ocean and deep as a puddle

S Forbes says:

First world problems.

Landser says:

This warms my heart.
Hype culture, lies and unethical marketing decisions needs to stop.

Market your products honestly, what do we as consumers get in terms of visuals, mechanics, gameplay etc. what will be delivered and not what they want to deliver.
Great news.

Intruso says:

EA,Ubisoft ecc. do this everyday and no one blinks an eye,glad at least they do that for those scammers

Peter Reginald says:

Don't pre-order games!

vanthursday says:

I dont think these people should even bother on investigating stuff related to games like seriously… Have you seen some weird commercials…

Gonzi says:

no mans sky…… wbu destiny?

Hawk says:

Freaking Liars.

jx592 says:

they better add an update in this case

AsianNightly says:

Though I am a proponent of most free markets, I'm glad to see Hello Games and Sean Murray get what's coming to them. Their PC population shrunk to 1,000 and below, and all the refunds probably crippled the company. Let this be a lesson to all companies that try to lie to the Steam community and more.

itachi65ful says:

so happy I bought a pc now I can get refunds from games like these.

Sony threw hello games under the bus in order to take the heat off themselves in order to make people forget about getting a refund on PlayStation.

Mr. Mike says:

No Man's Buy

Johnny Loves You says:

Sean Murray's seppuku blade just got a little bit sharper.

Wesley Tomsky says:

One Man's Fine

Dan Garwood says:

no it had a great PR strategy. It just didn't have a good game..

johnlegend023 says:

They 100% lied to us all… Its like we got half a game.. The crappy half

Ak47 says:

Meanwhile sean murray sipping martini in hawai

Brayan Vasquez says:

no mans lie

Jrm Her says:

too late..they smoking and drinking on some island with million of dollars

courley cutler says:

Good hope the company gets shut down and we all get a refund

Rich says:

hmm loads of games have stuff in trailers that isn't in full game. this game just happens to have been more hyped than the others. rayman origins is a 9.5 game and loads stuff was shown in trailers that never appeared in the full game. but this is game development loads of stuff is thrown out and in all the time. this seems a little biased if this games marketing gets them messed up then dont expect to see devolpers ever again attempting to give anyone an idea of what their games might be like in development stagesif this goes through. no more gamplay trailers. people dont seem to understand what a crazy process devolpment is. the end product is almost never exactly what you envision at the very beginning. just a point. also i'm not defending NMS that game is boring but for the sake of game information in future you better hope this doesn't go through.

Dynamo Lons says:

cough Destiny cough

Matt Lembo says:

Well then destiny should be investigated too because in pre release trailers for destiny, they showed bits of the taken king soooooo :-)

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