Electric Charge: Crash Course Physics #25

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Moving on to our unit on the Physics of Electricity, it’s time to talk about charge. What is charge? Is there a positive and negative charge? What do those things mean? In this episode, Shini talks about electrostatic forces, electrical charge, Coulomb’s law, and the force between charged particles.

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Martin T. says:

5:25 After grounding, an object is electrically neutral, NOT positive! Or did I get something wrong?

Rindra NekoVlogs says:

can you guys make the history of "indonesian revolution"

James Hoe says:

so… it wasn't she doesn't like me… it is just we both are negative.

caboose sevear says:

Come on Crash Course! I needed these a month ago!

stellarfirefly says:

1. When rubbing a glass rod with a cloth, why don't the excess electrons move into the person holding the object? And why don't those electrons then move from the person and into the positively charged object?
2. What determines which object gains electrons and which object loses electrons?
3. When people build up a static charge, how can they retain the charge to get shocked by something metallic? Why is the charge not immediately discharged into the ground?

penguins forall says:

I think a more forward definition of static electricity is a difference in charge without a carrier. Two distinct systems (clouds and the wet ground) with a high resistance barrier (air).

Chow Tom says:

Who thought being grounded can be a positive thing

Wolfgang Kleinschmit says:

You should have mentioned that the Greek name of amber is electron.

Robert Kerr says:

middle age is achieved when Friday evening brings tape sticking tricks

James Harmer says:

What's up with the audio in this video ? It keeps dropping out.

Marcos Revilla says:


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