Watch This Before Deciding On A Cancer Treatment

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One of the best and maybe worst things out there for cancer information is the internet. How should you search for and decide on a cancer treatment? Annie Brandt did just that and found a successful treatment. Here, she offers advice on what to do and what to look for when trying to find and decide on a treatment. Watch this before deciding on a cancer treatment!

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Laz X says:

I had no choice. I ended up in the ER twice, and when I was in my hospital stay the doctors pretty much insisted that I get a Cancer port installed in my chest before I leave the hospital. I told them I want to research this diagnosis and come up with my own decision on which treatment I want to use. I know there are natural ways to treat cancer and they were all just shaking their heads NO. "There is no other choice for you" they said. And I was pretty much forced to go into surgery and get a port installed in my chest and within 2 weeks I was starting chemo. I hate it. I wish I had time to choose an alternative option, but with me on Medicare and a fixed income, dying… I have no other choice really. So now I'm in my 5th week of chemo. My hair is starting to fall out. I'm having all kinds of side effects like a month of diarrhea. My eyes hurt. My teeth hurt. My body hurts. It's not agreeing with the chemo. It feels like my body is coming apart at the seems, and if I only had another few weeks to research, like I have been since I started chemo, then I would have or possibly chosen a natural way of treating this disease. But I guess I'm stuck now, and have to go through both I imagine. But in today's society, when you are diagnosed, doctors don't give you an option. It's chemo or nothing in their eyes. And even to this day I've asked my oncologists if there's a diet or supplements that I can get on to help this treatment or fight against this disease, and they have no answers. Of course there are methods of alternate treatments. They're just few and far between with no support from doctors because of limited studies and research. It's all about the money. Someone told me that on Oncologist gets between $5000-$10,000 per patient they put on chemo. We don't get a choice in most cases, or even help after the choice is made for us. We're victims of the system and it's only going to get worse.

sablechicken says:

I worry that it is common for doctors to rush patients into treatments that will kill them faster than the cancer will.

Heather Havey says:

excellent video thank you

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