Unreal Engine 4 101 – Vol 1. Ep.4 – Construction Script, Inheritance and Object Oriented Programming

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This isnt required for the game project we will be starting next up, but I created this video so you will understand what we are doing and why when we create our pickup game. This video shows how to setup base classes and use the construction script and event graph to inherit data from a base class to its children class even if its not in the scene. This saves you time when you need to make things that all share the same or similar ideas.

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Mojomatrix says:

Incredibly informative, but you covered too much ground in 17 mins. Got lost a couple of times.

ShadowSnake141 says:

Dude, you're awesome. Your style is really great, as it's to the point and quickfire, yet not super quick as to not be able to follow along. Thank you

onionburst says:

I enjoy your tutorials, thank you. Subbed and liked.

george cronje says:

Really cool tutorial man. Very useful!!

Berixist says:

so this is prefab in Unity3d?

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