Mom Reacts to First Vaccination Shot! Total Freak Out!

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Mom Reacts to First Vaccination! Traumatic Shots! Mom Gets Her first Vaccination for Family Travel adventures coming up!

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Zena Knight says:

lol I love shots

Killer 1767 says:




Lois Knapp says:

wasn't the background blue

ChaseYourDreams says:

Jinger, you took those shots like a trooper. It actually took me by surprise that you hadn't had a single vacation all your life, so have to ask, is that normal in the US? I'm in the UK & since I was a child, many of my vaccines were mandatory on certain stages of health checks etc.

Justin O'Hella says:

Kyle's faces are to funny

Steven Barber says:

i am with her on that i hate shots i am a chicken i had to get 2 shots one for the flu and the other for something else i forgot Jinger your not alone i have type 1 diabetes i have to give my self shots every day and still hate it.

Lesley246 says:

The butterfly effect : Family edition

Lois Knapp says:

you changed your picture!

BigMoney4Eternity says:

I know how Jinger feels getting shots, I STRONGLY dislike getting them too! Carl, I hope your eye heals up quick buddy, who knew something as small as an eyelash would gum up the whole healing operation!

Jennybean Vlogs says:

Jinger took it like a pro! 😛 I love the Kyle was holding her hand. So sweet.

lazychanged ghostuch says:

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