Alien Portal Opens Near Volcano? Mass UFO Sighting Over Cali Skies 9/26/16

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Mars color:
Volcano light:
Vancouver UFO:
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Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod
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TheWildWarg says:

I would hate to be in a life or death situation with the guy at 4:25. I imagine him just losing all control and ending up on the floor in the fetal position sucking his thumb.

Missy Davis says:

That moving light at the volcano…..soooo much nope

Heather Renea says:

Remember people UFO doesn't mean there are little green things flying them.

Michael Clarke says:

hear this dumbass……space debris , LMAOOOOOOOOF . " space debris moving in unison at a constant illuminated state ,and people will just take what he says as Gospel …..sheep

Panini Kokol says:

hahahah that guy w the foul language

Juan Benjume says:

if he doesn't tell people that there evil fallen angel he's doing there bidding without him know .wake up ! the name of Jesus Christ has power over these evil demonic fallen angel aka aliens!!!!!!God bless us all.

Juan Benjume says:

remember aliens are fallen angels

Masterjedi343 says:

Maybe it's a Star Gate?

aussieaeromodeler says:

the Japanse one is very easily explained . A worker from Fukashima opened his blinds

The Modern Day Shaman says:

ufos over the volcano..

CJCryer Buzz says:

The volcano video is one of the coolest I've seen on this channel. But it really looks like a transformer. The lights you see moving right to left, are the electricity running back and forth through the line. And the one that shoots straight up looks like a ball of electricity. The volcano probably caused the transformer to blow. Still cool tho

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