Hillary Releases Pro-Trump Advertisement

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Bob Todd says:

If they don't want to get called pigs or shit like that then fucking eat healthy and go to the gym.

Norman M. says:

As if women don't call men they don't like all sorts of profanities either. Man hating is is so normalized that it's often times not even recognized as such, that or it is seen as 'empowering' and therefore encouraged. Yet as soon as Trump, or any man, says anything bad about women, it's suddenly extremely misogynistic and terrible…

I'm not even American, and Trump is not someone who I would call an ideal candidate, but this advertisement is just ridiculous feminist victimhood bullshit. Typical.

Democrips Rebloodlicans says:

Women treat me just as bad if not worse than this. It's one thing to objectify a woman but it's a whole different issue to use men as a financial career path…

Kappa123 says:

Her campaign is only fear. Its pathetic, and that is why Trump is winning. Just compare both twitters, every Hillary tweet is about Trump and talking shit about him. Every Trump tweet is high energy, hopeful, thanking the people etc.

Red Burton says:

That commercial makes me laugh every time. "Let's beat the shit out of them!"

crackhead100000000 says:

thought the same thing man, it just strengthened my liking for that puppet.

taipeikartman says:

American women are way too fat! That's why all the single men are moving to asia.

Nathaniel Botha says:

Great video! Trump 2016!

Mike H says:

Nobody cares about Trump insulting men, but Feminists still claim to be for gender equality

Eris Tiamat says:

Ugh, and that fucking music that invokes or supposed to invoke pathos.

Yeah, women do it to. As a woman I saw this ad and wanted to laugh. It was so stupid.

Good looking people want good looking people. Beautiful are wanted. Trump is brutally honest. And yeah, women do this shit too. I honestly, wish I could find a hott alpha male for a husband.

Brett M (Pan) says:

Hillary is so slanderous

Richard Thompson says:

How about we ignore the fact he's raped kids.

Bruce Eyster says:

Yes, but have you ever noticed men get off on being objectified …women don't !
Vote for Hitler if you want…I think you're an idiot.

beautyinthenight1986 says:

I'm a woman and that video just makes him more human and relatable to me!

John Smith says:

Anything under a D cup can't be a ten. Size matters ladies.

kevin b says:

fuck that were splittin the bill

NJ Co says:

You are a horrible person

jonathanwig80 says:

He was talking about Rosie O'DONNELL but Rosie O'DONNELL is a woman and all black women are also women that means he is sexist and racist both.

Lyndii Mey says:

SHILLary/SJWs/Feminazis: FUCK Fathers, FUCK Mothers and FUCK Sons. #DaughtersOnlyMatters

Matthew Knight says:

Money Trumps Penis size everytime In the eyes of women

Matthew Knight says:

I dont want my daughter to be fat….so yes!

sleepfighter1 says:

Nobody mentions the fact that Rosie instigated Trump to attack her after she mocked him..including his appearance smh…

Le Kanraposte says:

In Québec, there is an add airing. It's for Assurances Desjardins. A woman in a bathrobe start to fill her bathtub. She go downstair and spot on TV a very HOT young male swimmer doing his thing. She is transfixed by him, wetting herself. The bath overflow and her ceiling seriously leak. Que the inssurance jingle bullshit.

That add is A-OK.
Do I really need to point out where I'm going with this?

amazing mikacho says:

you are a fuking morron

AnonaThetan says:

Oh wow…Trump is a big ol meany..Hillary is a fucking Murderer

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