TRY NOT TO LAUGH-Funny Animals Fails Compilation 2016 (Part 11)

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TRY NOT TO LAUGH-Funny Animals Fails Compilation 2016 (Part 11)


Nuclear 123 says:

The first one is just weird.

Ina Dimter says:

Ich liebe Tier Videos über alles deshalb muss ich sie mir öfters ansehen.

Nathan Peters says:

peeps, wtf move i really love this strognly pregnant

crazy girl gamer giselle says:

stop you b

Tony Jones says:

The second one reminded me of an old Tweety/Sylvester cartoon where Sylvester tried to "kick" his addiction to birds, until he "kissed" Tweety and remembered just how MUCH he liked birds…specifically, the taste of birds…and all hell broke loose.

Julie Graziani says:

do you know what the word "fail" means?? I haven't seen a fail yet.please label correctly

Gina Maumau says:

it was nice… but not funny

Kiley Arrowwod says:

my dog does that when she gets out of the bath

puppy lover says:

it's not funny it's so so so cute!

Giovani Gonzalez says:

its not funny its just to cute

Little Emerald Fox says:

I won but it still was funny

Monster Herpees White says:

5:00 cat has a bigger d than me

Rachael Waddington says:

that almost made me fall asleep is was sooooo BORING

Sara Acuna says:

the music makes it lame

Giella Gilbert says:

my dog eats yogurt

Tammy Watlington says:


Katelynn Clark says:

I agree abby

Jayzell TV says:

#dogs can be black too

Jayzell TV says:

#dogs can be black too

Just Brycee says:


Libby Xoxo says:

I don't think dogs can eat watermelon

Haeley Rasmijn says:

So owsom

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