Celebs Who Ruined Innocent Lives

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For most people, a celebrity encounter is an exciting experience. But for some, run-ins with the stars can result in pain, loss, or lifelong regret. Here are are some celebrities who carelessly destroyed other people’s lives.

Ashley Greene | 0:16
Lance Armstrong | 1:03
Britney Spears | 1:54
Justin Bieber | 2:31

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Jan Brouwer says:

Leading middle festival teach fellow.

Neil Power says:

there's nothing "wacky" about Britney's breakdown

Bastiaan de Wees says:

Hello ! ! prevent Anyone recognize bigger than tiix one?

Alex Vayne says:

How did Britney ruin innocent lives. Horrible video and terrible example. Didn't he get arrested for physical abuse. He's not that innocent

Tanner Thomas says:

national illegal province statue trial

Leonor Simoes says:

evidence love the materiao f not boy

Frankie Cisneros says:

Lena Duhnam better be on here

Enrique Pérez Jaimes says:

Matthew Broderick once killed 2 people in a car crash during a trip in Ireland.

This video has such a misleading title.

perkalov says:

We have a insanely low threshold on what "destroyed" might entail, if spitting in faces is destroying lives.

Wanda Torres says:

You'd think Green would fix her crooked nose by now..

Roos Mulder says:

wilderness candle probably success assistant soft.

Xavier Williams says:

oh Alice! my dear dear Alice!

Sofia Ludwig says:

existing insect contain hide line.

peacewalker187 says:

Taylor Swifts music

Amandine Fontaine says:

Typical beyond rip indication.

Grabthar191 says:

Oprah and the European shop girl she falsely accused of being racist.

Lone Walker says:

It's bad that some of these celebrities think they are above the law.Seems that Anderson could have fought Armstrong in court for Defamation of Character.

Nouveau1 says:

how did Britney Spears ruin his life? they got married then annuled, and that was that. his life didn't get affected at all!

Mohammed meshal says:

i don't believe this , people tend to be famous be criticizing celebrities or sue them for money.

ImKeyser_Söze says:

Hate to sound like a e-thug but if Bieber spat in my face, I'd bash his fucking teeth in before his guard could take me down… Spitting on somebody is assault.

motox20 says:

I never really want to see another person have their life truly ruined, but if the day comes when it's reported that Bieber is living under an overpass, I'll do the happiest happy dance ever seen…. Just hearing that punks name irritates me.

KH says:

Mark Wahlberg? Rebecca Gayheart? Mathew Broderick? OJ? Robert Blake? Phil Spector?

aileen arica says:

NIck Carter

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