Blake Lively’s Birthday on the set of Gossip Girl, Brooklyn

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Close – Blake Lively’s celebrates the morning of her Birthday by having a usual day of work while on the set of Gossip Girl, which was filming in Brooklyn, New York. Visit our blog, we update daily!

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TheNeonlights102 says:

Ed Westwick is a prick, from people I know that have met him to articles online. He thinks he's being 'rock and roll' the guy is an asshole. Plain and simple

Maisa A. says:

@stupidfamouspeople YESS Leighton CAN be moody..i saw her today filming in brooklyn she was nice enough to take a pic with me but she gave one of those fake smiles..ugh i hate when they do that!

ElvenstarRF says:

Penny is such a cutie! Blake rulez 2!
montseascensioleon13 U'r reallu lucky beast! ;)) I wanna meet PB!!!!!!!!!

Favm360 says:

I live close to Brooklyn College and i saw when they were shooting there. Most of them are really nice specially Blake she let me take 3 pics with her.

Stupid Famous People says:

Yup, I think they're all very nice, maybe Leighton is the only one who can be moody at times, but the other folks — especially Penn — are all very cool people.

Stupid Famous People says:

Yeah, the show is a lot more popular now. The bodyguards aren't really necessary, though, especially since the paparazzi even shoot from no less than 50 feet away whenever they shoot them. And the fans are always just nice kids, so no one really bothers them at all.

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