WOMEN ARE ROBOTS TOO – Haydee Gameplay

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I’m not sure which wave of feminism the Funhaus gang is part of. Fifth? Sixth? Which is the one where you just stare at their asses and list their shortcomings?

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BeneDoctor CumberStrange says:

Hope everyone has a nice day!

ViperiumPrime says:

she reminds me of that fishing pole toy from Sid's room in Toy Story

Ben Caballero says:

anyone else notice James opening the banana upside down? WTF James. The humanity

binary1123 says:

Is nobody going to point out that James eat bananas upsides down?


Just out of curiosity, are there any females out there who don't like the 2 recent videos?

Brain rich says:

Someone needs to ask James about making more of cat roommate for open haus.

Ulyaoth74 says:

I just bought this game and the gameplay is actually really addicting. They are playing the demo and the real game is a bit more updated than what is seen here. The tutorial is a bit different and the glow on the back of Haydee's head is now the health bar so no more red screen.

sislord says:

I wouldn't be surprised if elise leave funhaus this week

Slim MF Moses says:

People tend to not know what a "feminist" is…

Just putting it out there, if you don't think Men aren't suppose to put their hands on woman (not that I support it) then you don't have equal rights. You don't have extra rights fam…

Jonathan Wretchet says:


Terradude and Terrabot says:

ahh if boobs really worked like that

Gabe Galnares says:

I got a whats inside ad in the middle of this

VladOx says:

Well I know what I'm gonna fap to next.

Bob says:

james peels and eats a banana like a savage

Ragged Fountain says:

I like using funhaus to mark games on steam as not interested. Also to watch there fun GTA videos

echelon chick says:

bruce: "but we didn't get to the climax of the robocopette"
James: "climax is a myth." that fucking killed me omg

Harden R says:

i'd watch Robocopette…

Eric Filgueira says:

Wow, i like that attitude Elyse, James got really ashamed for his home overdue tasks, salty Funhaus thats definetely funny, lol

King K. Rool says:

James peeled that banana weird right? Or was that just me?

alestorcrowley says:

"Women also drink water, through their nose and then clean themselves with it"

Kotaco says:

It's like Mirror's Edge with Thicc

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