What’s Our “Edge” Trading Options?

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http://optionalpha.com – Every successful business has some sort of “edge” that gives them a long-term advantage over someone else or in the marketplace. As traders, our edge comes by way of implied volatility always exaggerating the expected move of a stock’s price, thus meaning that long-term all options are theoretically overpriced and expensive.


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– Kirk & The Option Alpha Team


Kevin Aillaud says:

What's the trading fees look like with that kind of consistency? I use an online broker at $10/trade…

alex slater says:

You say in your videos that you mostly teach "selling options'. Doesnt this take alot of margin? For people starting with 5 or 10k, this might be a problem. I have TOS and I dont really understand how much margin I need to sell options

John Spalding says:

Outstanding video explaining the importance of trading small so your edge can yield big results in the long term. Use of analogies and visual aids along with clear explanations makes this a great presentation.

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