Tesla Software v8.0 – Autopilot Initial Impressions

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Initial Thoughts on AutoPilot in v8.0, with only limited testing time.


Jason lee says:

Nice work on the video.

Dan Frederiksen says:

I don't believe the camera sees anything but road lines. For whatever reason, they have disabled everything but lane detection in the mobileye system.

Kenz300 x says:

Can you explain how or when emergemcy auto braking works or takes over?
I understand TACC adjusts speed when following a vehicle but what or when does it do it in emergency situations?

ProNoober8 says:

thumbs up LIKE for driving with set speed = speed limit

Rocket Man says:

that's very nice, however is car capable of breaking if an obstacle appears in fron of it?

Clive Flint says:

I didn't hear the bing bong when auto pilot disengages. Has the noise gone away?

FI S says:

If some white guy would have a channel about his white tesla, he would be called a racist. #doublestandards

Richard Jones says:

It says "max 56" does that mean while autopilot is engaged, it will only up to the speed limit?

Hezekiah Domowski says:

Exactly the video I've been looking for. Very cool stuff

Daniel Horace Ho Wai Liu says:

Does it take freeway exits too?

Adrian Jektvik says:

At 4:20 the clock skipped a second.

Christopher Cao says:

there was an article on elektrek or teslarati saying the hold steering pops up more often. usually 5 minute interval when driving under 45 and every 3 minutes over 45. is this the case? I haven't got the update… tries going to service center wifi too but no luck

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