Tesla Model S Software Update 8.0 Quick Overview

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Tesla Software 8.0!! We finally were able to update. Woohoo. I go over the software. Just an overview. More in depth later.



ZuroxTV says:

Might want to remove your vin number from the video when you show the version number

T Patt says:

Great review, Tim! I like the refreshed icons much better!

But I like the old charging screen better to honest, because it showed what doors were open on the diagram!

Again, great review!

Raul Ramos says:

There is a dark theme?

A1_Digest says:

How come i still dont have 8.0 avabiable for me

Dennis Mathias says:

This could have benefited from severe editing..but thanks.

Dan Frederiksen says:

Show us how it handles curves roads.

Kaipeternicolas says:

Congrats. You're the first on Youtube!

Model3OwnersClub says:

Thanks for the tour. Dat refresh rate though… :)

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