Photoshop Tutorial – Galaxy Logo Design From Face

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Photoshop Tutorial Galaxy Logo Design From Face
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Reward Khe says:

Is anyone having a problem at 4:13??

Shubham Chawla says:

sir plz one video krdo how to change background tutorials

rakesh naidu says:

Every thing is ok but on my mac while shifting the galaxy to the model man uding alt it is not shifting

Alghi Fari says:

why when i'm adding the background,background goes black and white

Ken Gray says:

can you do this is cs6?

Barosay Bang says:

help!, why i cant transfer the face like in 4:25 seconds. pls help what to do

Himanshu Kapoor says:

Amazing man

Isa Alkaf says:

i fail when i try to blend galaxy and the face.

martin ranjes says:

whats that music at the beginning ??

Hanif Imaaduddin says:

thanks bruh, gonna made this for my gf xD

IBY / ابراهيم‎ says:

very good

Muhammad Hamza Khurasani says:

hahah, no i mean i downladed many apps but it wasnt like this one that your using !

Black Panther95 says:

well done.

Victor Fteha says:

If the alt step doesn't work, right-click the galaxy and select "create clipping mask"

The Nerdy Akki says:

Which photo editor?

Ben Appiah says:

Wait, how do you make the photo trnsparent

Triangle Fastener Corporation says:

when I recreate this, the faces fill in with the background, unlike your example. What am I doing wrong?

Trendy Videos says:

need help how when u drag the face into new file white background is not slected ?

Denis Venceslau says:

why when I click alt and drag, can not apply in the image/text ?

Claw Dius says:

Sick tutorial! Thank you so much!

World's Championship says:

make a tutorial on your intro.

Max Ronalᴼᶠᶠᴵᶜᴵᴬᴸ says:

Thanks Brother.

Lisa O says:


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