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Photoshop & Illustrator Speedart

In this speedart, I design a logo for Top Trending in illustrator using the pen tool and rectangle tool. Later in the speedart i head into photoshop to add custom flares and effects.

Top Trending:

I hope you enjoy 🙂

Manila Killa – Youth ft. Satica (k?d Remix)


graves – No Sunshine

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My Gear:

– Wacom Cintiq 13HD

– Photoshop


– Screen Flow

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© Swerve 2016


FirstArt says:

I would love to animate this.

Leonardo Muñoz says:

dude, you are such a monstah. great work.

Sajib Designs says:

I Just Love Your All Tutorial.

Stanley Marcelin says:

Can you please make me a logo for a website? I'll pay.

MultiSciGeek says:

That's great, Quality work

Ebenezèr Collins says:

Please can you guys make my beat producer logo please please

Anas Ahmed says:

can you make a tutorial on how to use illustrator BASICS. because I don't know how to use it and I can't find a good tutorial :(

George Ts says:

You Are Creative Genius ! <3

sammy k says:

What brush pack do u use?

TrapSide. says:

o: i like that glow effect

Will Torres says:

Do you do side jobs like make team logos as well?

Jovem Casal says:


Apenas Um Vlog says:

Would u teach how to make this 3d box ? sick!

Stories Bored says:

Hey Swerve! I also did a rebranding of company and its on this channel. Check it out! :D

Chris chris says:

Awesome Videos man!!!I wanna ask you how did you make the curves TopR and BottomR in R letter in once???I've watch it too many times but you did it really fast!!!Thanks.And again great work dude!

Vukašin Jankovski says:

What you think about moodboard? :)

Jalal Chachoua says:

your colors choice is love <3, amazing video

Lars van den Booren says:

I really like this logo! especially when you put the gradient and the light shining from the logo on it. Great work!

IanBogueYT says:

You. I love you! You create the most amazing logos! I wish I could do that…

Django Klos says:

Good stuff! How did you cut the letters in the word "trending"

Mist - Design says:

Great to have you back and making videos again!! love ya!

Benjamin Mrozik says:

dude your videos are awesome!

Jackowsky says:

I fell in love with it! Perfect!

Sworen says:

Congrats on the Badge and 100,000

Tribal says:

You are the boosss!!!!

Md. Faraaz Nasir Hosain says:

Could you plz upload some tutorials bro?? Your work is amazing.

The Hate Comment says:

working with the popular kids now?

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