My 1st self injection (Influenza Vaccine)

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I love it! haha


Ik0elektr says:

Hi I did the vaccine too 🙂 they told me to flect the arm (putting my hand on hip to relax and weak the deltoid) and in effect needle entered smoothly and without any pain. Next time keep your muscle soft and you won't feel the needle at all. Why this thing is not told??

nineproof says:

I wAs meaning it is difficult for me to insert. Needle fully because when hurts a bit this stops me:) did youu use spne sort of analgesic? Tnx

nineproof says:

Hi im melanie i kbow how to do shots i would like to do the flu shot self as im travelling but i would know from you how to do to knsert needle

Lawrence Galvez says:

wow galeng mo naman !:)

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