Ppaahh !!! Shocking Celebrities | Tamil Actor and Actress

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Acting career is challenging not just because actors should maintain a good body and possess acting skills, but also because they have to look beautiful all the time.
Actors are always under constant media glare and public attention and this makes their lives difficult. But blame it on their careers; it is the part and parcel of their profession. To prevent the signs of aging and to get glowing skin, they apply expensive makeup on their faces. Many could be surprised to see how different they look.

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Sangeeth Kumar SA says:


devaraj k says:

unnoda paah moment photo va post pannu di, celebrities odadha parthachu….

Navin J Raj says:

superb vdo
who is the girl behind that sound?

malar kodi says:

I'm not fan of shuruti, but have seen her b4 n after nose surgery in Singapore. She is naturally beauty, actually no need any surgery. Anushka n Haniska are also natural beauties. Trisha ever saw her in a ads few yr ago, playing as a typical mum for a kid. Her plain face with flat nose gave unattractive look. Later after she enter in Telugu industry she went for surgery n also became bold in dressing. Nayantara n Jothika are the worst n ugly actress I have seen. Every time the first impact only remains in yr mind when u see someone. This 2 ladies no matter how many surgeries they done on their face I still hate to see their faces n movies. I still remember there was a show n people condenm jothika bcos of plumpness n praising simran. some even wants jo to be out of films. Bcos of that surya, people start watching her.
Among all I like Simran n Haniska, both beautiful, good acting, witty, excellent facial expressions , good dancers.

antony robin says:

Hey India glitz,, we like ur pages… But Don't manipulate for money…,.. Show us some best that all know …. Request!!

Shalima marliah says:

don't join dhanush in this part he is cutee …

Novida NoMeGustaMucho says:

What is this nonsense? You people have got no life? Why are you doing such videos? I am sure your country has got alot more pressing issues than bashing celebrities for their looks. What's so satisfying in putting down celebrities? If your life is miserable, deal with it. It doesn't give you any right to judge them. What a shame! There are many victims subjected to inhumane acid splash atrocities. Look at y'all. You want views? Do something sensible with some kind of social responsibility. Get a life!

Adithya Varadarajan says:

Vijay yenga da intha video la ?

Sita Yusoff says:

i dun understand.. at wad age do u people in india start calling the women aunty?

anitha anu says:

dhanush is so cute

divya divya sri says:

I do agree actresses r beautiful only bcos of their make up , even a normal grl will look beautiful than actresses real face wthout make up

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