Doctors and Chronic Pain (RANT)

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Recently, I went to the doctor because I was abnormally fatigued. The ensuing fiasco made me so angry that I have redoubled my efforts to avoid going to the doctor if at all possible. The sad truth is that many primary care doctors have little understanding of chronic illness and chronic pain.

I had qualms about sharing this video with you all. I strive to limit my complaining and focus on what IS working in my life. I have a lot of wonderful people and opportunities around me. But the emotional and psychological impact of being treated so poorly was so significant, I decided to share this.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have symptoms (that I call Hurricane Ivan) that are not related to my Fibromyalgia. These include: swollen, red, painful joints that are hot to the touch, heat intolerance, and joint stiffness that persists much of the day. In an effort to find out what this business is about, I’ve been working with my Rheumatologist to see if she can identify the source of these symptoms. Unfortunately, all of my tests return “normal”…equally unfortunate is that doctors who see “normal” tests results tend to think that 1) there’s nothing wrong with you and 2) you are likely exaggerating your problems. Undoubtedly, many of you have had this same experience. Unfortuntely, this can lead to some frightening treatment decisions…like the one a primary care doc made about my pain medications. See the video for more on that story…

And this, my friends, is the greatest challenge of it all. If a doctor receives a negative or normal test result on a battery of tests, they tend to just stop the diagnostic process. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to remind my doctor that I USED to be employed full time as a CEO of a 7 million dollar non profit. I do not PREFER to be at home, in my bed, eeking out a living online. I’d PREFER to have the 6 figure salary I once had. But I digress…

This video is a rant, so if you are not one who likes to listen to frustration, a bit of cursing and general complaining about the system, this may not be the video for you. I did include a tiny bit of humor…just to keep it real.


steve Snipes says:

I hope and pray you get another Doctor.

steve Snipes says:

I feel you so much. i have gone through the same thing. Thank you for the video.

2010invent says:

Yes you'r right. But what dr knows about chronic pain????? NONE OF THEM BECAUSE THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT THEM SELVES!!!!!!!

Leon Matilda says:

You look like you can walk. Psych evaluation is the only option. Attention / drug seeker. Truth hurts but start living life or get help. Do not attack me please. I am being honest and feel you deserve a decent life. You should focus on yourself and not what doctors do. Please get help or just drop this whole act, as a psychiatrist I do not buy it. Message me for private consult as a favor.

AzoreanProud says:

Ridicularize –> Pressure pacient do what doctor want –> Repeat

Result = Depression, millions drugs consumption, more health problems, profit…its sad but there is no such thing as medicine, is just a business…only operations for broken bones, heart, tumor rumovals, nothing more.

Chronically Cassidy says:

Had so many similar experiences. Diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease six years later. Doctors will still dismiss that chronic Lyme is not real. Some doctor suggested I had fibromyalgia. But eventually we found the cause. Doctors can think they're so on top of the world.

truemirror says:

After being hit by a cement truck with spine injury, head injury iwas diagnosed with fiber on top of ever thing else. They said the chronic pain set it off and that it is genetic. I find it useful to over hydrate during flare ups and watesolable vit bs. But being under medicated for pain will only disable a patient more. The ill treatment by doctors and sociaty is wickedly cruel. My pancreas was destroyed by the new fangled pharma alternatives to opiate pain management and now I have to take about 5-6 shots of insuline a day. Never has a doctor lowered my insuline, though body builders abuse it. But they think nothing of dropping pain meds. Both keep me going. The pain meds kill pain some so you can bare it. Unfortantly, patients are now commiting suicide because they cant bare rhe long years of constant pain and the tramendise stress that there is no relief. Since the new regulations, suicide among chronic pain patients sky rocketed. A doctor would loose their license if they refused my insuline. But they get patted on the back if they refuse my pain management. When both if reduced disables me and will eventually end in death.

truemirror says:

This exaclly the same thing I go through. I was on good dose of pain meds. I was cleaning my dwelling.. walking about 3times a week rowing about 2-3 a week and teaching bible study a couple times a week via intenet. And physical thearapy 1-2 a week. I was hopeful to get strong and productive. Then my doctor while he was in a bad mood reduced my meds. That was 2 years ago. Im fortant if I get out of the house 1x a week now. All my hard work has been wasted my muscles are gone that proteded the spine injuries and knee injuries. Im hopless now and cant do my chores cook clean or walk the dog. They wont listen. They wont read my records. Chronic pain is the only illness where you get serverly punished for reaching out for help.

icecoldjustice1991 says:

Yup…these doctors have become real jerks…so unfair how they treat people…

Leon Matilda says:

I don't get it. You have not explained anything at all. You claim to have fatigue and expect pain meds? Try Toradol or Gabapentin? No ER or Urgent care physician can solve your medical "mystery". Your PCP manages your health. I'm just honest….entitled patients with addictions. We don't judge you make yourself feel the way you feel. And guess what… If you know better than any physician then why even go see one. Fibro is a made up constitution to deal with idiots like yourself. Face the truth.

John Smith says:

you're lucky I can't even stay in one position for more than 2-3 minutes before my pain starts escalating to a point where I have to adjust my position completely.

rockbay79 says:

I'm treated the same way at the V.A.  My pain medication was cut by one forth, without input from me.  I live with chronic pain as a result of a horrible injury over in the sandbox.  Because of the degree of my injuries, there is nothing they can do to help with the pain.  We have tried everything.  The only thing that works is medication.  Even my P.C. Doctor indicated to me during my last visit, that he may need to refer me to a "civilian Pain Management Doctor".  I feel, he just wants me out of his care.  By the way, I'm rated at 100% disabled, can't work, can barely do anything.  I understand your frustration.

cécile F says:

the truth is that doctors don't know what to do. In reality, medicine can only do very little for people. We have the illusion it's 21 century, medicine is healing people, but truth is that we are in middle age. There is no magic pill to heal people. When your doctor send u to do the same blood test or tell you to exercice, sleep, it's because she has no idea what to do for you. She's trying to remember her 10000 classes from med school in old times, from which she completelety forgot 50% now. She's hiding either her ignorance in some situations or the fact that she and medicine are powerless in some situation.

carmakazi84 says:

most Dr don't care, go away be sure pay your bill on the way out. it's all about the money.

el Flaco 66 says:

i'm so sick of being in pain. I turn 50 next month and every f'n day pain. to the point I can't clean my house, cook, create. I had a spine injury about 10yrs ago over in Iraq, I've had many operations nd take a moderate amount of pain meds. most days have sucked ever since and my current mri's show things are getting worse. oh boy… thnx for letting me vent. peace

JussyRaven2 says:

OMG, viewing your blog and you have described me to a "T."
I've been thinking I was going insane. The pain, the beyond extreme fatigue, the sensitivities. For years I've been feeling like I'm falling apart. I see a doctor and it's one thing, I see another and it's nothing they can find. I've had three MRI's the first gave me a diagnosis that I felt was really off the wall and the later two found absolutely nothing. I'm always in pain, everything hurts, somethings more than others and its constantly traveling. I've had Barretts esophagus, gallbladder removed, and hyper-sensitivity to touch at times. I think the worst part is the constant and extreme fatigue.
I'm so tired of having to fight to get doctors to listen to me. I've yet to have a firm diagnosis. Not one of my doctors have ever suggested or referred me to a rheumatologist for testing and I just feel like I'm losing my mind!

John Kinnane says:

G'day I have had RA and other arthritis as I have had it for thirty years my advise get another sympathetic doctor they are not all basrards there are really caring ones but it can take time to find one. Please don't judge them all on one kind regards John Tasmania Australia

katrina lynn says:

speak with clinic manager and patient services

Amy P says:

But I wanted to say, even as an RN, we get reports on patients before they're admitted to our floor. I had a little argument with a few nurses because one new patient was listed as having fibro. They rolled their eyes & said "Another crazy one". I said "Why? Cause she has fibromyalgia?" They said "Yes. It's fake. All in their head to get pain medicine and get high." Ohhhh myyyyy no you didn't just say that. The medical profession all around needs yearly sensitivity training without a doubt. I know nurses hold off giving pain medicine. I always took care of post-surgical patients. They were in bad pain! You're going to take your time giving them relief so you can chit chat?! My mom had stomach cancer. Her dr felt she was addicted to her drugs. Took her from Dilaudid to Tylenol 3. She suffered SO bad. I told her to find a new dr. He took her to surgery to put in a colostomy. Closed her right up. She was literally packed with cancer. No wonder she suffered. She died 3 weeks later.

Amy P says:

I wanted to cry watching your video. You describe a lot of the treatment I receive. I'm a registered nurse with fibromyalgia, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, & spinal stenosis. Actually, I've had to stop working as a nurse completely because of the pain. I see a pain doctor. They can call me in at any time for a urine test to check for other drugs & measure the amount of medicine in my system. They also do random pill counts to make sure I have the right amount for that day. I don't drink, smoke, do any illegal drugs… I'm not even supposed to take OTC pain medicine like Motrin, Goody's, Tylenol… Because before I agreed to go on narcotics I tore my stomach up trying to seek OTC relief. Now I'm treated like a criminal checking in with my probation officer. My pain medicine doesn't even take care of my pain well. But I'm way too scared to mention to my doctor I might need something stronger. I do Tai Chi, which my church warns against, but I do it anyways to please the dr.

Cronopio el gato says:

I fully understand what you feel, some or most drs are jus assholes. They just cant understand we are in so much pain that we cant move! how on earth are we supposed to exercise? they think nothing can affect them but believe me.. karme will reach her.. it will.

Politically Incorrect says:

The doctors and the pharmacists are being trained to look at people like drug addicts and this is real. This is why she was informed by the doctor that she needs to cut down on her pain medication. Reduce medication = cut down on the drug addiction. "The doctor wrote this on the prescription for the Pharmacist…. It's a national problem!

Ben Hodges (Big Ben) says:

I completely agree with you. Doctors are a pain in the ass. I get anxiety when i have to see doctors because they are so rude. And I get the "normal tests" too.. pisses me off. I suffer from chronic pain. I feel you ma'am. I really do.. I'm sorry

Allison Snow says:

PREACH! I absolutely appreciate and FEEL
YOUR PAIN. I have so many physical problems but we still keep trying. So many different treatments, drugs, therapies, etc. ENOUGH! Help me! May God Bless you.

Melissa O'Neal says:

I understand this video is old however as some may not be aware of, DEA has been involved in restricting Dr. while a slew of law suites against Pharm companies blew up. Dr. being charged with murder for being compassionate for the patient pain. Not to mention they gave all had to be on guard from Dr shoppers. blah blah

tombaka42 says:

Docs are in the Stone Age when it comes to pain. I went to a new Gen. Doc. a while back, thanks to obama's lie, and after dealing with pain for 8 years she asked me questions as if I had just twisted my ankle the day before. She had my file and everything. She asked me why I needed Ambien and I told her that it's hard to sleep with the pain. She began asking me things like if I drank a lot of caffeine or watch television in bed. I wanted to walk out. It's the frustration of dealing with this for 8-9 years and listening to someone treat you as if you were born yesterday. The arrogance of doctors to assume rather than listening and working on what has already been done astonishes me.

Gina AskMe says:

Chronic Pain and Fybromyalgia is now their own Disease in the DSM, you my dear have the WRONG ASSHOLE docs, hope I hear from you.

Gina AskMe says:

I've been in ur shoes for 20 yrs since I've got hit by a train. So I was in ur stage about 14+ yrs ago. I've been thru almost dying 2-3 times. Please contact me, I've had about 30+ epidurals/ nerve blocks. went to PT um….maybe 25+till my doc stopped that. Was bed ridden for 2yrs. it's absolutely horrible, now I went to doc telling him the same things happening to me. I sleep 20+ hrs ,2-3 days a week, weakness, I now have a Medtronic Pain Pump. he's sending me for tests, he thinks I may have Lupus! She was an asshole and u need a Pain Management Specialist!!! Please contact me, my doc will find someone in ur area. I'm a Councilor , and OMG, Dropping ur dose???? R u freeking kidding me???? OMG, This story is pissing me off!!! PLEASE SUSCRIBE AND LET ME TRY TO HELP??? So sorry Hun, I'll b Praying for you!!!

Sharon Mynes says:

My husband has a misalignment of two of his vertebrae. He is in almost constant pain. At one time he had a doctor who looked at him and said….There is NO reason why you should be in so much pain. When he told me what she said I was ready to go and kick her ass. Just because someone has the letters M.D. behind their name doesn't mean they are any good. Hang in there.

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