Nanotechnology Documentary – Revolutionizing medicine and healthcare

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Nanotechnology Documentary. Nanotechnology and its applications are revolutionizing medicine, healthcare and the philosophy of healthcare in unprecendented ways!


Larry Jung says:

Some very smart person should use nanotechnology to discover a way to cleanse asbestos fibers from the inner human body!.

Alexandre Sutherland says:

How would I go about referencing this video

Arnold Strong says:

So don't keep the habit of staying in one place but keep moving and not let them juice you to make them either rich or healthy while you be tired.

Drink water, nothing you can do to tell them not to because that will land you in cell with four walls wearing a straight jacket in a mental hospital registered as paranoid and crazy but you speak the truth but they own the world like courts, media, community and the world but you can only be one.

Juicing human blood from a person unknowingly is a crime and it is a criminal to do it to anyone. It should be criminal by law. Once you catch virus like AIDs, HIV, Cancers it's over.

You can say you will never but being juiced feeling that itch with people in public or without sitting, standing, laying down in a bed is a way for these nasty diseases and viruses get inside you.

Government don't care neither the crooks do it. 

Arnold Strong says:

Did you know whenever there is a natural disaster in any country whether be third world country like the Earthquake in Nepal etc. always the Red Cross foundation be involved but the question majority don't want to give blood unless they are forced to by getting money for it like to pay for food they don't starve or pay the bills they don't get evicted out be homeless even get money for it.

But what you didn't know is majority of the blood is coming from people unaware of being victim of giving blood but aren't realised that they are being juiced for.

It's hard for many if you to understand, juicing human blood by a technological break through in the medical field be successful for anyone to use that can withdraw more blood from a person than the tube and needle. Synthetic strings that can penetrate through the fabric people wear into the skin or sitting down on cushion seats even sleeping on a bed is way to drain the blood through this tiny thread less than a millimetre thick like the hair strand of your head withdrawing fresh blood to make you tired.

And you though you weren't experienced this dark truth, it's a reality wherever you go in public. Whether you sit next to people or stand next to people they can be far or near neither less to care whether you have sexual transmitted diseases or AIDs even viruses like Bird Flu also Cancers 'blood cancer' you could catch to if your draining 'juicing' them.

It's hard to understand this but they say the more fresh looking you are and strong to even younger you are be their way of preying on you. You can't tell them not to do it without evidence they are juicing you.

But it's reality!

How to tell if your a victim of this crime? You feel a sudden unexpected itchiness whether you sitting in one position, standing, laying down whether with people or amongst.

Watch out for Asians they do it more than other races. If you dare to expose yourself by thinking a person is juicing you feeling that itch making you tired do they can either put the fresh blood inside them or in a bag to get money from these foundations even from most famous western sports in the world 'Horse Racing'.

For horse racing, they give the fresh collected blood to the horse only if the victim is vegetarian and if not give it to the rider to be strong to win that bet. Never to give that money to the victim even if they die to. Crooks aren't they, they do it to school children as well as high school student even institutes like colleges and universities. Ever wonder why they like theory session are long and bring more of it than just be the excuse for unit or subject covered on? Juicing the students for collecting blood for these reasons either to give to the sick, unhealthy, tired and to rider with their horse to win bets. They have no shame neither care they'll be exposed.

But one day towards the future everyone will know even be exposed by the media proven by investigators and scientists that this technology does exists and preys upon victims are healthy, strong or fresh looking not only be criminal anyone does it is a crime.

You can't tell who's doing it, anyone really family or friend even partner otherwise others know or not. No use denying it, it can't be stopped.

Unless they are British Whites or mixed with Whites and connected to Whites there would be an investigation or else no chance.

Beware to all!

Who said you can't get infected whether to catch a flu or virus like cancer even AIDs, HIV. You can never tell they are juicing when you are close to them.

Nowadays this technology can penetrate through obstacles like metal, concrete, plastic than just fabric you wear wherever the victim sits, stands or lay resting. It is a crime and criminal to but without much of evidence being public not only in courts but on the media many millions are victimised by this truth.

They usually prey on the victims be healthy, young especially vegetarians like Indians towards the South also anyone vegetarian the blood being healthy as well as the organs to good to sell on the Blackmarket for money the police, ambulance officers, nurses, hospital doctors even victims doctor will covered it up as coincidental. It's like claiming insurance or compensation not government illegally to people unknown maybe working together like a gang or mafia covering up information.

So the next time you go outside whether being public by standing, sitting even laying rest on bed or couch near people otherwise by yourself feeling that unexpected itch from a person strangely sitting near you than away or being near you but you can't see in front your juiced by them.

If you ask any doctor or nurse even anyone they will all say hypocritically it's a lie being bullshit and anyone say that or think that is 'mentally ill' but you have experienced it or not.

But you can't go to no one and complain only for sexual harassment and harassment claims but not this criminal behaviour juicing a person to make them sick don't care how young or old they are.

They have their political reasons to do it even the politicians and government consent this but never expose this truth to the world on social media and media what the damn thing looks like and how anyone can do it without getting caught also how they choose their victims.

Fatter and thicker you are more blood!

You'll feel tired when it's over either pass out or if you have epilepsy you'll have seizure unexpectedly even if your strong to know that you won't have it but in these situations you can't escape from it's a reality.

A person can stand, sit, lay bar you even talk to you so long making you feel comfortable so you don't move eventually you feel tired unexpectedly your juiced for your blood to make them healthy.

They think you don't know neither government that's why they bravely do it with will preying on anyone. Can't trust your own family, partner or friends. They'll be fresh when they are at first glance tired but later they are fresh and you are tired.

terminator847 says:

"Detect cancer cells much earlier"
What about curing it? That's kinda important

Lee Johnson says:

Has Religion done so many Miracles healings that Science and Technology is not needed to heal the sick. The Answer is definitely no. Even Oral Roberts, the Faith Healer,  opened a hospital, to use science and Technology to heal sickness. The CVS Drugstore Chain will stop Selling Cigarettes, for health reasons.

Etienne Marais says:

10 people came from /r/nanotech/ :D

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