How to Pass Math Exams | Evan Edinger

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I’ve got all the advice you need to pass your math exams!
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Math Help:

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Alana B says:

Thank you! This is very helpful to me!

Eve Mallinson says:

Definitely not allowed cheat sheets for gcse. And they've changed everything for this years gcse and it it's insane

Always Pizzaz says:

I had my math exam today and this video helped me a lot. Thanks Evan.

Eloise the Fangirl says:

the views on this video are going to double in two years when i take my GCSE's. thanks Evan

Muskan Rao says:

i had my math exam just this morning!!! and i just watched this video.. wished i watched it before

Idris Wahidy says:

your rubbish

Noothana Prakash says:

tomorrow my maths exam bless me tio

Usman says:

I fucking hhhhhhhhhhhate fucking Math

Givepeaceachance says:

This isn't as useful to British people as I imagine it is for Americans but is still helpful- thank you.

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