7 tips for studying math

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Sasha Wilborn says:

Hey Sareena, I was wondering if you could do a video on how you organize your desk!

Lee Hui says:

Hello! I'm a big fan of all of your videos. By the way, is this 10th grade math? Bec I'm in Sec 4 (equivalent to 10th grade) and had learnt the derivatives and integration a few months ago. (The exact same formulas Hahaha)

Victoria says:

I asked for help before and just felt like an idiot because my math teacher is the kind of teacher that just asks questions until you get an answer.

Connor Eccleston says:

love Rhodia notebooks

Estrella Marie says:


Pampana Harshini says:

Hey my self harshini and I really love watching your videos and can't spent my day without seeing your videos and your tips helped me to score good grade in my school and my favorite subject is also biology and also l love u so much sareena <3

Charlotte Sebastian says:

I honestly can't believe this!! It is such a great milestone and you honestly deserve it!!! CONGRATTTTTSSSSSS!!!!!!!

asmae charifi says:

i loved the video thanks a lot

HappyBaker says:

Thanks! I'm recently lacking motivation for studying math…

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