Strange video from NASA shows UFO mothership refueling at the sun !!! Sept 2016

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Strange video from NASA shows UFO mothership refueling at the sun !!! Sept 2016

September 2016 – Space, Sun, distance of about 150 million kilometers from Earth – Watch this intriguing video. NASA filmed what seems to be an alien mothership refueling at the sun. The video footage is spectacular. Click here to read the complete article :

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Luzoxx says:

quem veio pelo Schwarza?

Carlo Dell'Erba says:

cazzata colossale

Lucas Kayadelly says:

BR huehuehue

constelação de Órion says:



Dupla De No0bs says:

Pretty big ship don't you think? Jupter's size

Cvrk Tu says:

UFO apparently removes kebab


its pennywise's balloon mothership from Stephen king's IT  because it was meant to be a alien I think

GNMM TV says:

the balloon is peeing

Kanakht Aanesyt says:

scary.. thing bigger than earth.. gravity seems to do no effect on that

Lara Liyana says:

sun 5 times biggers to compare with earth means if real that thing ufo mother ship while it so big lol ufo mothership

Daniel K.W says:

if this is true this mothership would be bigger than the joke in Independence day 2 … about 20xtime bigger than earth. thats wut i call a mothership!

Daniel K.W says:

honestly fake or not? im confused and curious because this is how actually far more advanced technologies would look like .. far behind our understandings and imagines .. more like a dream.

AuthorPaulGDay says:

Anything solid, whether alien or not, would simply evaporate that close to the sun. Boys and girls, this is fiction. Now go watch Star Wars and see what other wonderful things the mind can invent.

難道預言 says:


Rat Cat says:

Think of how hot the sun is, do you really think any type of craft no matter how intelligent they are could withstand the heat being so close?

Joseph Mata says:

it looks like it was absorbing energy from the sun

Naomi Starling says:

Looks like a big glob of the sun like a piece just floating away n the sun is trying to pull it back. Crazy video. Very strange

Joe Pc says:

This footage was made by a 'GoPro Sun proof' haha xD

Juan Carlos Castillo Castorena says:

is true its real

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