Scary Portal Opening Above CERN? Helicopter Chases UFO & More! 9/20/16

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Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod
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Bill Ingram says:

I have seen lights EXACTLY like those.  They were slightly oval and blinked in – sat still for many minutes – then – blinked out almost (almost but not quite exactly) at the same moment.  A few minutes (one) of these lights returned and repeated its performance.

jackofthewood says:

hover board propulsion is strong look at the water under it being displace

jackofthewood says:

turn the crater of mars 90 degree on the left…..and take another view at it

Frosty Towel says:

A helicopter chasing a UFO? gg.

odd hovring says:

its a fairy!

Alfredo Zauberer says:

Wow this Hoverboard is Amazing, never see before!

Shaden0040 says:

You do know that clouds carry charged particles, right? Cern Hadron collider uses the strongest electro magnets in the world. These clouds are aligning to the magnets underground.

Shaden0040 says:

meteors can skip off the atmosphere just like this.

downscale says:

What's all the black dots in the sky around the CERN portal?

Ben Rodriguez says:

cern has got everyone con"cern"ed

Ben Rodriguez says:

second vid looks like it could be a controlled missile

IRkorpus says:

the first "lights" segment features 4 lights not 3. look to the bottom right for the fourth light

Dennis H (ImWideAwake) says:

The "ring" cloud formation around CERN looks to me like the heavy duty magnetic field is pulling the METALS from geoengineering out of the clouds.

clamo6362 says:

@6:21, if you look to the right you can see 2 more. it's clouds. @14:00 consumers will never be able to buy these after what happened with them mini segways. (them hover boards)

kartoonjunkie nothanx says:

"shooting stars" don't change direction

ElizabethEva Young says:

are you Cabal OR  Military ??

Hijnes says:

If I had a grain of sugar for everytime he says "erie" I could sell that shit and be a billionaire.

anthony brophy says:

hi i am from Ireland i am six minuets twenty seconds into this video and i have seen this same thing three months ago above Dublin i found it very strange indeed they seemed to move in a way un like anything iv seen before at first i thought it was balloons or something but then they were not moving although the wind was very strong then they did something weird they started to move but not like back and forward but stack up on each other then separate and did this till a helicopter came and then they went into the cloud and i never saw them again now i believe we are not alone but this is the first time i seen anything like this i tried say it to my friends but they didn't care and i didn't know how to explain what i seen and just now i seen this and it is the exact same thing i seen so wanted you to no there real

Joseph H. Lewis 2nd says:

Well yes hover craft is really neat. But if released to public, hospitals better gear up for alot of neck injuries and broken bones. I'm not trying it.

suzanne roberge says:

fallen angels.

The Hawthorne says:

cern cloud upside down looks like it has a kofun tomb shape on the side


Bullpoops :3

Jose Travieso Disciple of Yeshua says:

they are testing the project blue beam. cern is the mayor projector that illuminates i think

Cool maniac Happyguy says:

There just balloons kids put in air relax

Cecil Johnson says:

The object appears to go down and up because of the 90 degree wide angle fisheye lens that the camera is using.

Eric Smith says:

Stop worrying about shit you can control.
What do you do for your country ..?
These Alien lovers are a problem in our calture as well.

Alex Russell says:

UFBL – Flying bin liner, helicopter flew past by co-incidence.

Nickolas Red Bear says:

Alone, we are not! Young padawan..

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