RATE – New Virus Card (Reverse Crush Card), Ancient Gear Boss Fusion and more Spirits

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BlazingRaptor says:

Raid Raptors for the virus card?

The Amazing Anon says:

Dude, Chaos Giant is DARK Machine Fusion. USE OVERLOAD FUSION FOR IT!!!!

The Truck says:

burning abyss gonna use that virus card

john holmes says:

dude BA so easy

arkimsilence5854242 says:

Overload fusion on the ancient gear LOL

. says:

>Noden into this into Bahamut Shark
>It's a spirit (Cannot be Special Summoned.)
>Darklord Cardian DDD tribute for the Virus.
>Not mentioning Scarm obviously Scarm is not the best target for the virus in the whole game.

Cap are you just trolling or the worst yugituber since a long time?

Tman Slays says:

Deck Devastation Virus does the exact same thing……… only you tribute a dark monster with 2000 attack

LARS Liljeberg says:

8:00 hound dog is 1 material+3 other random ancient gear monsters

gear town+Catapult= 2 new ancient gears for literally no cost,then you make 1+ with wyvern adding gearbox to hand wich adds another ancient gear,say you already have hound dog in hand,you now have 2ancient gear on field,2new ancient gears in hand+hound dog,summon hound dog,deal 600,use effect to fusion summon,asuming you had 6card in hand you still have 5cards in hand,and a 4500atk beatstick that is almost invincible because you can t use effects in the battel phase, and spell and traps are pointless,and he hits thourgh defense, so yea pretty easy if you ask me,and then overload fusion can summon another one from the grave,giving you acess to 2 chaos giant in one turn,so yea hard to summon my ass.

duong duc hanh says:

Can people use printed cards in a tournament???

UFWD2000 says:

OVERLOAD FUSION! its such a much needed card for it, that or power bond means its gonna game someone so quick

Oguzhan Gungor says:

You can summon this card with 2 cards… (chaos giant). Use gear town and Catapult and summon this. Its a gg after that considering it can attack multiple times and uneffected by spels and traps.

Valkyrie Regalia says:

Reverse Crush Card is honestly just as good as original Crush Card against many decks. In which, it is broken against some decks and useless against others for this format.

Ancient Gear Chaos Giant is very good since it can use the graveyard for the materials. I thought that was obvious, not sure how G looked over this.

Spirits are going to get okay. I'm not sure if they will be super good and super consistent though, but I'll wait and see.

coffeedudeable says:

4 materials is nothing simply because this is a dark monster so you can use miracle fusion. or I mean overload fusion

Lucas “Ranxer11” Sanchez says:

Cap notices kawanokami its a lv4 water monster

"Oh wow nordenbahamutsharktreatoad bullshit"

Reads the first line of the that monster s eff

"Cannot be special summoned…"

Its a SPIRIT monster Cap cmon, how u didnt realize that xD!?

Isaac Ladron de Guevara Morales says:

There are new shaddoll support, but it's meh.

mohammed hgf says:

overload fusion, and cybernetic fusion support, make summoning chaos giant an easy thing

darkphantasmx says:

cap that's what overload fusions for and with that this card is gonna be a problem

Dolice says:

@MegaCapitalG overload fusion 1 card summon the new gear card

Aoi Sage says:

Prof.Crawler would be proud of this D:

Leon Percynal says:

cybernetic fusion support + power bond lul 9k piercing and can attack all the monsters on the field.

EnvoyofDarkness says:

4 Ancient Gear mons may look hard but it's summoning requirement is a lot kinder compared to the anime where you needed 4 specific mons, 3 of which were Fusion.

Legion of Anonymous says:

wasn't raging battle a set from the 5ds era lol???

worthy (will) says:

we need a good spellcaster spirit monster

Link says:

gravekeeper buff for dat shadow spread virus.

rockleerules101 says:

Flash Fusion + Chain Material = Chaos Giant on your opponents turn?

ShadowBaofu says:

Maybe now they'll make Time Fusion a real card.

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