nicotine ~ Bryson Tiller x PartyNextDoor type beat

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i’m a slave for the nicotine.
**i know some of y’all just gonna youtube-mp3 this: so if you’re one of them, just give me credit in your song title…

If you real though: email me to purchase**


wotK Stay Hoppin says:

This nigga Geeze Merked this cant wait to hear his full thang

MVB$ says:

Add tags in your beats! Would b a shame if it was stolen!

Zero Suit Rammus says:

sent you an email!

C1xPonch0 Universe says:

If I use this for a song will it be okay if I gave u full credit for the beat

Omilli Stackz says:

You got a soundcloud bro?

Lane borchard says:

Can I use this beat I'll put your name in the credits

Cam Alexander says:

i fw this beat. what times do the chorus come into play?

Justin Kase says:

I hear tiller on this all day



CraniumNoir Beats says:

high vibes yooo

The Lavish Lifestyle says:

Hey bro, i'm using this beat for my EP. I promise to give you credit!!

Naipesete Oficial says:

Nice!!! Brazil up

River Se Rose says:

now i need a cig.

RavenNevermore says:

love it! it kinda sounds ike the intro to "Thirsty" by PND.

David Wud says:

I'm the 2016th sub, dope bro we need to collab

ThePaperProject says:

*I know some of y'all just gonna youtube-mp3 this: so if you're one of them, just give me credit in your song title.*
dude that had me rolling!
love this man

TAC 4 Beats says:

This is smooth!

G-O Flamez says:

I'm guessing this ain't free huh?

phantomknight321 says:

digging this beat, good stuff as always

WeArePierre says:

This beat is smooth and chill! I can vibe to this!

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