Panama Papers: Will govts come up with transparent anti-tax evasion laws?

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On Prime Time, a discussion on the Panama documents that were leaked showing how thousands of rich and famous from all over the world hold secret assets in tax havens. We ask whether there is any possibility of the government being able to bring the tax evaders to book. Will there be laws framed to prevent exit of money from the country into tax havens? (Audio in Hindi)
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Disha bakshi says:

he is such a wonderful guy, youth shud learn from him …!!

Faruk khan says:

take a bow……ravish ji.

ek akela hindustani says:

ravishji aap se ek aur puchna tha ki… woh bank of baroda ka kya howa 6000 cr jo us bank se transfer hoha hai kya howa uska kyun koi bhi iski baat nahi kartey hai…. hum ko kyun gumrah kar rahe hai …. hum ko puri jaankari chahiye is case ka ki kya howa….jai hind

ek akela hindustani says:

hi ravishji…ndtv hi ekmaatr tv channel hai jinoney sidha hindustan k choron k baarey main baat puchi hai….ek aur chanel hai sabsey tez aap samaj gayen hai…sab se tej channel ney sabsey bada kaam kia hai….aur inka saath bhi kuch aur channel ne bhi diya hai….sab log ye dekh rahen theh ki kis kis hindustani ke is main naam hai….tabhi main ney sab se tej channel per dekha ki woh Pakistan k pm k baarey main bata rahen theh ki.dekho Pakistan k pm ka naam panama papers main hai 3 se 4 chaar din yahi chal raha hai…hum hindustani ko Pakistan k pm se ya wahan k koi aur chor ka hum ko kya lena dena hai….arey bhai pakistani pm ki news bata kar kis ka naam chupa rahey hoo kya matlab hai.. jo log tax li chori kartey hai unka naam batao na ki hum ko gumrah karo….jai hind

ek akela hindustani says:

jai hind..ndtv

Vinay Kumar says:

Why don't block these countries for fund transfer and on funds which has any link with them?
or RBI people are also corrupt who don't make strict rules to stop these thief's.

Imran Dogar says:

v informative

Gyanendra Awasthi says:

Governments failed it implement GAAR passed in 2011 under the pressure of such economic Mafias

Gyanendra Awasthi says:

The government has become impotent to deal with thus massive issue that I feel shortage of words to put the Jurassic scale of the matter poignantly. 32 trillion dollars are estimated to have been offshore. Ever increasing wealth & income inequality Is unfathomable for the most of us. Tax heavens are playing the most havoc on the humanity

Gyanendra Awasthi says:

You must keep coming out with such programmes with far more deeply researched programmes. These is the most significant issues for us since such people control the economy& politics and the governments while common men pay increasingly higher taxes , both indirect & direct.

Zack Birkho says:

How can the people of the world, I mean the ordinary workers the low abiding citizens, let these mother f**kers escape with all that stolen money that is by right the wealth of the people!! Is it not the time we revolt against these bloodsukkers?

Ankur Shrivastava says:

Ravish Ji. Hamesha ki tareh kamal ka show.

Best Injurylawyer says:

Very informative news. Thanks

Pra123 Agr123 says:

3 black money holders dont like this!!! funny how nowadays every video is disliked!! its like some people dislike the disliked mark being disliked!!! :-)

Raj Madhvan says:

NDTV and Ravish ji pls keep on doing such type story. learning experience seeing your program.
Hope NDTV also break some new gd story
kudos to icij & indian Express

amit sheokand says:

kudos to icij & indian Express

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