NBA 2K17 My Player Career – Part 19 – WTF IS SHAQ SAYING?!

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jeremy19175 says:

hey I was wondering if on this version of MBA 2k if they has the skill booster or legends training that they had in the past 2k games


U should do a face cam on these vids

pinokiyo says:

18:25 You guys can all skip to the Shaq part because that's why the video title says to watch and all the rest of the stuff is worthless to watch… Shaq doesn't sound like himself because they tried to get clear voice from him, which he never speaks clearly … Why didn't Kenny or Ernie follow up on Shaq's BBQ chicken… wasted chance there.

Endrit gamer says:

trevor try to shoot it with the right stick!!!

yusef21595 says:

Is team practice really that limited in real life ?

Wisconsinite Brappin says:

You should be averaging damn near 30 and 10 playing on fuckin rookie

DanTheSportsFan says:

Did anyone else notice that Shaq said Freq instead of prez

Natpeacemaster 12 says:

Trev buy some new clothes and shoes like if you agree.

Jamie Sumner says:

When you sign a shoe deal you get all the shoes for free. Just look in the shoe bit in the store

JBlack says:

Anyone else notice Shaq called him Freq (from 2k16) instead of Pres?

JBlack says:

Just realized you can see who gets the rebound by looking at the shot clock. It'll change right before they actually get it.

Kevin Elliott says:

If you do not know what BBQ chicken mean in shaq language you don't know the NBA.

PinguBeChillin says:

Trev do formula 1 2016 series!!!

Johannes Souma says:

Did Shaq say ''good game freq''? and if you don't know freq was the name of the main character in the last years game.
Or did Shaq just say''freak''?

123mickpick says:

Am I the only one that heard him say freq at 19:04

Jackson Glass says:

he said freq like in 2k16

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