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How I got into Design school: I show my Design Portfolio and share some advice from my Interview experience.

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A freee German 2016 Jahreslosung Wallpaper:

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Salmana Bashir says:

I loved your portfolio. I am only a GCSE student and I wanted some help in how I should present my portfolio, now that I have watched this video I have a really nice portfolio set up in mind and I can't wait to actually put together. Thank you, thank you so much I really liked this and I wish you luck for your success in the future

Caroline Song says:

Hi, thank you for showing us your experiences, its been very useful for me. Im applying for college this year…Im struggling with my portfolio. Did you draw on the papers and take photos of them or scan them ? Or you drew with computer? Cause Im applying for graphic design but i haven't taken any computer lessons before…I have no clue what i can do… :(

WindandWater Studios says:

@Meow O Madaidhin: For some reason YouTube is not letting me reply directly to your comment. This is what I wrote. Hopefully you get it.

Hey, im sorry! I though I already replied to your comment. Maybe I didn't click send….
But, thats great! Im so happy I could be of help. Thats why I started these Videos, to encourage others. Thanks for all of the good wishes. I wish the same for you!

RoseSakurax3 says:

echt cool gemacht ! :D

Darko Lekovski says:

Thanks for the amazing video man! I am also considering to go to this university (BTK), i'm from Macedonia , and I just wanted to ask if this is a good option , and are there any chances for a scholarship because it is expensive, or maybe work somewhere ( are you planing to or do you work somewhere during your studies or you want just focus on the university?) And also wanted to ask about accommodation in Berlin is it expensive or you will find something that will suit you and your budged?

Ragheed Jazrawi says:

Nice work

danny pizza says:

Hello 🙂
I got a question, when you got your book, is there somewhere written that it's printed out by epubli? Because I tried ifolor once out for my photography portfolio and it was just not that professional looking when there was that fat red logo of ifolor smacked behind my book 🙁
thank you if you could reply me!^^

sathee ma says:

Thank you… Very useful video… good work…

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