Hopsin – False Advertisement : Bankrupt Creativity #837- My Reaction Videos

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HOPSIN performs FALSE ADVERTISEMENT and it’s a pretty sharp video- make sure you don;t misunderstand the target!

Please watch the original video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlb-HWpDDx0

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iak ENTERPRISE says:

[iak – "#TheCodeOfHammurabi" LP] _______________________________________ 1 "DRUGZ R BAD" ft PaceWon http://old.hulkshare.com/1wr6mv16strk _______________________________________ 2 "If U Feel Me" (They Tryin' 2 Kill Me) http://old.hulkshare.com/il2f4np7dr7k _______________________________________ 3 "A Legend" ft Kylie Ann http://old.hulkshare.com/r8hwrwlnwkqo _______________________________________ 4 "Lock Me Out The Game" (Ugly MF) http://old.hulkshare.com/clz14zwwxou8 _______________________________________ 5 "Broke As Fuck" http://old.hulkshare.com/zrbjx3gxr7y8 _______________________________________ 6 "She Want The…" http://old.hulkshare.com/xna8dwfly4g0 _______________________________________ 9 "That New York Shit" http://old.hulkshare.com/9bgsxfnjm5fk _______________________________________ 10 "Back Road Cruisin" http://old.hulkshare.com/65f0zinzb94w _______________________________________ 11 "Single Parent Strugglin" http://old.hulkshare.com/fh417ybb5vy8 _______________________________________ 12 "Goodbye" http://old.hulkshare.com/gk8nyntzn5ds _______________________________________ 13 "Gutter Rap" http://old.hulkshare.com/lw5j8fx0w7i8 _______________________________________ 14 "Royce Wid'a 9-5" http://old.hulkshare.com/gy7kw25w8268 _______________________________________ 16 "Falling Out Of Love" (You Grimy Bitch) http://old.hulkshare.com/bfj9uyjpd5og _______________________________________ 18 "Police Brutality" http://old.hulkshare.com/l2x3f0o70kcg _______________________________________ 19 "Solo Artist" http://old.hulkshare.com/8d61z0qpnugw _______________________________________ 21 "The Vaccine Song" http://old.hulkshare.com/o7opxclgsn40 _______________________________________ 22 "You A Friend Of The Fuzz" http://old.hulkshare.com/nhyruldwoe80 _______________________________________ 23 "Sandro Agus" http://old.hulkshare.com/c3v4c93c3vnk _______________________________________ 25 "Top Ten" http://old.hulkshare.com/8p2xjx7r69og ________________________________________{ FOLLOW IAK ON TWITTER!! @ http://www.twitter.com/iakENTERPRISE } ____________________________________ MORE MUSIC BY IAK @ http://OLD.HULKSHARE.COM/THEIAK (mobile: http://www.hulkshare.com/theiak )

Mr. horror scare says:

great vid!

SkizzyOG says:

Wassup Grandpa! Can you react to Futuristic's Album? He has 14 songs and 8 videos. Some of the songs have a message.(able to react to) On mobile but…
Anti Social-Video
Time is Now-Video-Message
Do It-Video
Biggest Fan-Video
Next Level-Video-Message
No Service-X
Alone in the City-X
See Me Mad-X-Message
Hashtag – X
Can't Go Back – X

Slim Shady's World says:

Nocturnal rainbows-Hopsin PLEASEEEEE

Ash K. says:

react to pierce the veil

Ash K. says:

react to pierce the veil

Beast Boiii says:

I cried when he said "damn that ass"

Beast Boiii says:

This dude is coolest old guy ever

DownwindRat98 says:

You should react to
Brotha Lynch Hung – Krokadile, Meat Cleaver, or Meat
Twiztid – Breakdown
Twisted Insane – Voices
Lo Key – Let's Get Violent, NASTY, or Chainsaw Symphony
and Young Wicked – YWG

Fxns says:

React to eminem – psychopathic killer, Logic – My Chain, G – Eazy Fried Rice, Hoodie Allen – No Interuption, Hi-Rez Smiling, OCD: Moosh & Twist – Take Me Back or Uptempo ft Pryde, I could keep going but I'll save them until you do all of these haha :P

Sean Wattsmoore says:

This song was shit…

BrandonBtv says:

awsome dude u really are a cool guy wish u were my uncle or grandpa liking hopsin. Mann haha

Justina Acquavita-Metts says:

"Just how many bloody videos do you DO in a day, anyway? This is NUTS!"

Gridironic Football says:

Aw yeah? By Tech N9ne

N8-HIGH says:

React to Vince Staples-lift me up

Robert Stadick says:

React to skitzo by Jarren Benton

Robert Segundo says:

React to Papa Roach – Falling Apart

GT gaming says:

good video

JaffaConnolly says:

"damn dat ass" dude youre a legend for saying that.

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