Thea #23 – Math’d ‘Em Real Good

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We’re setting a course for that Divine Quest where we meet our God, Mokosh

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7Leksu7 says:

Our prayers have been heard. Lewis somewhat read the story and actually fought manually instead of auto-resolving :O

Raife Foster says:

stop playing this peace of shit and go back to civ

Pinku -sama says:

when can we get another proper wargame playthru, lads? the salt must flow…..

Andreas Winkler says:

Poor farmer Maggot, he is actually nice in the books, just a bit suspicous of strangers.

Bryan Kelly says:

Mokosh , mo problems ..

TheSilverOrn says:

Thumbs up for no auto-resolves and Ben seeming to be back to his old self!

Geodude123man says:

In the lotr books, farmer maggot was actually incredibly kind to the hobbits, fed them all a hearty meal and helped them to the ferry, hiding them in his wagon from the ring wraiths. Its a shame they made him into just an angry generic farmer in the films. They should have called that creepy character ramsay or gollum.

Ethan Heyns says:

They should have called that creepy scavenger Gollum.

Scaly Smiles says:

Wasn't Farmer Maggot a nice guy in the books?

Dhamfear says:

awwww yeaaaaaa

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