Four Dimensional Maths: Things to See and Hear in the Fourth Dimension with Matt Parker

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Matt Parker, comedian and mathematician, shows how four-dimensional shapes appear a 3D world in this hands-on talk, featuring what is possibly the world’s nerdiest knitted hat!
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Discover how to make love hearts from Mobius strips, 4d frames from drinking straws and pipe-cleaners, and other maths tricks in this entertaining talk by Matt Parker. Matt explains how to know when someone’s throwing a 4d cubes at you and also what happens when your mum knits a three dimensional shadow of a four dimensional donut – to wear on your head, in this fun talk on the challenges of visualising the fourth dimension.

Matt Parker was an Australian school teacher before he moved to London where he works as a stand-up comedian and a maths communicator. He writes books, appears on radio programmes and TV shows, contributes to newspapers, makes school visits and gives live comedy shows.

This event took place at the Royal Institution on Tuesday 27 January.

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Aidan Orourke says:

Where can you get a klein bottle drinking flask?

DudeNumberOnePlus says:

I myself never been to Astral Plane, but nice video.

ASDFx2 says:

I have an English teacher just like him.

Sander says:

at 40:35 Surely the shadow would not have the dividing lines though?

windson7 says:

There go those humans again, laughing at colorful shapes and shoelaces.

0011peace says:

I used to be able to do Rubik's cube. I got Rubik's revenge and first time I tried to do it the thing feel apart. 4×4 cube

Triforce Cuber says:

30:38 Parker Square confirmed!

davef21370 says:


Вася Бубликов says:

I think he has actually made a mistake when he said that his way gave the same knot as the standard way would give. Most people make the granny knot on their shoelaces, trying his way I've got the reef knot. Maybe I did something wrong, maybe not. The reef knot is usually considered a better variant, so it's for the best.

Maverick Parlan says:

11:38 pffft i can solve it in 45 secs that is nothing

Corbin Trexler says:

Matt Parker should be the next Doctor Who

Insanity Cubed says:

lol beginners method

Secrets of a World Traveller says:

love your video thank you for sharing

John Bracciano says:

hey, the numberphile guy

Ethan Bailey says:

I'm such a nerd. I love this video so much!

Brot Zockt says:

Couldnt you just Try every crosspairs possible to switch both, with a computer maybe to get the solution?

Catholicterp7 says:

can I please get the knitting pattern for an average adult size?

Tom P. says:

Matt Parker's great 😀 If I had a maths teacher like that when I was in school I might have even grown to like DOING maths instead of just appreciating it.

Christian E. Maldonado says:

PErhaps it's not the same beer, because the old one is Ballantine'S and the second one is Ballantine(no 'S), so perhaps they were just copycats and thus clever not to use the same logo as to not infringe copyright.

Zejgar says:

"They've ruined all the maths!"

todd matheson says:

Palin would play him in the movie.

Florid Monkey says:

Next do the 2d projection of the 3d shadow of the 4d shadow of a 5d rubix cube.

Wendy Solganik says:

Is that an AMCE klien bottle?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

TheMagrathean says:

Do string theorists hate knot theorists.

Alex Cleaton says:

If you cut a 2-twist mobius loop in half, I think you get 2 linked mobius loops.


Hey this guy is on discovery's You Have been Warned!!!

Master Task says:

This guy is so not funny.

Daniël Drumstel says:

Even got a dayan cube. Gg

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