Flat Earth Math Watches ISS LIVE with jeranism

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An impromptu hangout with flat earth math: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTDz58kK5bdffWLSx4zgAFA We talked about the South Pole, watched the ISS, talked about the globe, Eratosthenes and much more. Thanks Charles for joining me.

Then, we watch and laugh at the ISS.

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Thanks for watching!


Truthification Chronicles says:

I disagree on not feeling the velocity of an elevator. I took the elevator to the top of the Hancock building (the second tallest building in Chicago next the Sears Tower) and I felt the velocity the entire ride. It was an express through several floors so it did not start and stop for a long distance. I was very well-aware it was moving.

JibbyJedi says:

Good job gentlemen…. I tenderized him a bit for ya Jeran. =)

britt brown says:

flat earth math needs to read alexander gleason book " is the bible form heaven? eath not a globe?" …the math parts in the book….
he would be interested in…..

Pete Gomez says:

Presuppositions for dayz

Warpath 375 says:

Shut the fuck up about Go Pro camera asshole, stupid excuse to use one. Please excuse my language but that part really annoyed me.

Malachi says:

Finally productive and I can't believe I listened for five hours. Lol

Malachi says:

You guys need to do this again

Jonathan Hoy says:

Flat earth math is tap dancing like a pro, when Jeran brings up how easily duped academia truly is. Not one person is traveling farther than 250 miles high, you can call that space, but in reality compared too earth's known dimensions it is a pittance. Delusions of grandeur notwithstanding.

Goki Trki says:

Jeran pls…. comedi chanell? It`s you!

wramsay6 says:

Hey Jeran: How do asteroids work on the flat earth model? Just wondering. A lot of talk on you tube about an asteroid hitting the earth sometime between September 23-25 2016.

macanders1888 says:

Jeran is just toying with thîs clown,

Rusted Sol says:

I've been in fancy elevators and I feel like I'm moving the whole time.. And I definitely feel planes going faster, higher, lower etc

MOPC says:

Fakingt the space pool with scuba divers makes no sense, if they wanted to fake space in a pool, they would use the astronaut alone, removing the scuba divers and their air bubbles would be very hard.

billmarks77 says:

But but yeah yeah….real college students sent these things up…look it up. Intelligent college students like the one's in Mark Dice and The Rebel in Canada interviews? How hard can it be to suck in a university student? In Canada they vote for traitors like Trudeau!

Paul Revere says:

NASA is just a front for all the people that were brought here under Operation Paperclip after the Nazis were taken down all the scientists all the engineers and all the people had anything to do with their spouses and their programs for rockets and propulsion it's all moved to America NASA is a front for Nazism

Paul Revere says:

you have the qualifications to be an astronaut as you have to be an indoctrinated occultist involved in the New World Order and in the Illuminati or else you ain't getting nowhere near the space program

Josh Howard says:

wadup mook

Paul Revere says:

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a hatchet man selling bullshit to anybody who's listening

Paul Revere says:

ISS translation indoctrinating shitshow

Paul Revere says:

the ISS is fake it's underwater Hollywood is producing everything and if you had half a brain you would State one thing and you only have one argument the Bible the Bible the Bible I'll say it one more time the Bible the word of God in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth he didn't create a globe

Tommy Harutyunyan says:

@ 3:03:30 its NOT about using a gopro cameras, who cares what kinda camera they use its about the lenses they keep using on the cameras they film with, It make it look like its curved

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