Finding Prince Charming Season 1 Episode 2 The Canary

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GracefulDanny says:

Shame that their "Prince Charming" has no charisma what so ever.

ledioschencho says:

The robettes are literally my fav guys on the show

Wegotthis H says:

Justin with his fine self I think the one the prince hot his eye one

Kyle Simpson says:

Miss Jason was the next to leave Good, she was the least attractive of the girls

Miss Brown says:

I can see why Robert got rid of the bald queen with the big body and skinny legs. she was out of her league

Kyle Simpson says:

Omg if I were on that show I'd ask to leave first

lloyd crosby says:

robby is annoying, of course he will be on tv in the future. Chad is a drama queen, should be on stage. Eric is a bitch which seems full of himself and i don't get why…..i feel sorry for the guy who has to pick these types after the show. Robert seems like a robot to me that needs oiling.

thomasthetans says:

Got rid of Jason because he wasn't physically attracted to him. So i'm not surprised at all.

Jassie B says:

Robert is so beautiful I love this show

Javier Arce says:

I LIVE for Robbie. He needs more screen-time.

Eric Victa says:

"Okay like you need to calm down." amazing

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