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Dealing With Chronic Pain | Vlogmas
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Jo Julian says:

Hey hun I suffer from chronic pain every day, hypersensitivity and nerve damage in my left knee and leg it also effects my sciatic nerve. I totally understand the pain. Sending out healthy, happy, healing energy to you x

Kelly Jo says:

I have lupus,my immune system is Crap…plus 10/12+ overlapping illnesses

Kelly Jo says:

totally relate hun….

William Tecumseh Sherman says:

Like Ooo my god I think you need more lip injections!!!and Travis is out getting it pounded up his asshole right now because he's a sissymary!! Is this twat kidding me????

Kimmi says:

I feel for you and your back issue. Im going through the same problems at the moment. Its terrible!

MistAgatha says:

what kind of heating pad do you use Channon? (the one you are using in this vlog). I have chronic pain as well.

Fergie Fox says:

I LOVE YOUR NEW INTRO <3 suppper gaaayyy never take it down!

Diana Severns says:

I have chronic pain and i suffer so much with it i have two daughters and its sooooo hard. I feel very guilty that i cant mother my daughters the way i should so i know what you go through. I hope and wish you well.

astcat says:

I completely understand you on the bed problem. I've had increasingly worse back pain since I was a teen and there are some days I wake up gasping in pain from it. I keep a heating pad in my car for these reasons and that has probably helped the most. Have a good holiday.

Bridget Parker says:

Sending you love. I suffer several chronic pain issues and severe chronic back issues, because of this I'm housebound at 28. It's so hard mentally to be in so much pain. Xoxo

Jo Kidd says:

I would love to see a video about what you use on your bed at home. What mattress, do you use a topper of any kind. Love your videos!

ReneeWattsUp says:

I can see why you love Travis so much. He is so positive and SO funny! I'm sorry you suffer from chronic pain, girl. I have severe chronic pain in my lower back, neck and also from fibromyalgia. No one can possibly understand what you are going through unless they suffer from it as well. It is a living hell. I admire you for being so positive, though. It can help so much, sort of like a mind over matter thing. I will pray for you and send you healing vibes, lots of loving thoughts and gentle hugs. I hope you get well soon from your cold or whatever it is that is keeping you ill. Be well, sister, and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

De Lovely says:

chronic back pain is the worse. I deal with it daily among other things. I feel for ya girl!!

thebrendita24 says:

You should smoke some for your chronic pain. Or have some edibles. Have you tried that?

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