Animal world is the best comedy that make us laugh – Funny animal compilation

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Animals are simply the best comedy that make us laugh! Here is a compilation where you will see a lot of funny raccoons, squirrels, dogs, cats, kittens, puppies and how they react to mirrors, sneeze, sleep,… So funny and cute! What is your favourite clip? 🙂 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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“Five Card Shuffle, The Builder, Pixelland, Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod (
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Laura Gadille says:

Racoons are not pets, they carry rabies.

Ella Weber-Schulz says:


Gamer wolf says:

le best vid of animals

Unicorn Bananasandwich says:

Wait did the kid at 6:15 yell: Kill it dad!

brottarnacke says:

Donkey is like: "Pffffhh, as if…"

Hecci666 says:

Fish bowls are fucking awful. Get a tank.

Elvia Almanza Cochran says:


KittyCat Tiger says:

I can make a joke…

Mum, the Racoon is in the toilet!

Julia Kaliszewska says:

4:28 NEVER put fish in a fish bowl. get a tank!!

Lisa Shaw says:

I love raccoons 1:40 to 3:50

Alysani01 says:

the sneezing cats isnt funny at all if you knwo the back story to why they sneeze, it most likely is sick and that is the only time a cat sneezes, they only sneeze if they get sick so dont fucking film and laugh go take them to the vet.

112yrs says:

Tiger Productions: You've got way too many commercials in this and the last video of yours I watched. With almost a million subscribers, you can make a better deal with your advertisers. Otherwise, you will start losing subscribers.

Wizdomtrek says:

I WAS going to comment on how intelligent Raccoons are, I was til I saw the one at time stamp 2:18 ….ugh!

Nick Meiers says:

my god that fucking squirrel was hilarious.. i need that bird feeder

Tasneem Tulawie says:

My cat saw herself in a mirror and her face was double chin

jackoblllllllll says:

Racoons are scary bastards

Pronomita B says:

6:44 when I have a code

AlexLovesLPS says:

Ik how it feels to sneeze alot, i have a cold.

Terncote says:

1:07 – Banging it's head on the flood, that's how a pug says, thanks for breeding me with a dangerously malformed sinus cavity.

Soul Reaper says:

seriously on the toilet!

Kutulue says:

5:45 Chipmunk Beyond Thunderdome.

Kutulue says:

Pretty sure the goldfish is going upside down because it is dying. Not really that funny.

Marie Peeters says:

Hi ! ! definition It looks for me like pretty ilnh offer

Joshua Jesuslover Hughes says:

so deceptive that the picture we seem to click on the video never even shows up in the video

Jay Nava says:

raccoons rock..

Taylor P. says:

Also known as Sneezing, Raccoons, Sleeping, Squirrels, Mirrors

DJblue 73 says:

4:144:20 me when I'm studying

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