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Our latest vlog, showcases how people are enticed into forex trading schemes, in which they are promised the world or “the jackpot”, however they are delivered . Please ensure you know who you are investing yourself with- Astrofx


pickyourday says:

You are awesome.

Chad Verde says:

Any US traders here recommend any US brokers?

Dylan Winn-Brown says:

Are there any good resources freely available that can help teach graph analysis etc?

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

Vasily Vasilyev says:

the thing that really puts Astro aside from majority of other trading courses is that they show you their real accounts with real results, I don't know anybody doing the same kind of stuff!!!

Ghost 'ly says:

Guys, your getting the hang of it nicely. This video, the music was placed well, nice uplifting, the drone use and the different environment and also it was quite personal. Keep it up!

Redah Salie says:

If you guys daily vlogged, i'd watch it everyday

Dizzie Davidz says:

I'dd flip that 2000£ for her lol jeez 2k for a three day course

1stlady90 says:

similar situation but not as severe, glad I found you guys, truly. research is very important! My question to her is how did she find Astrofx and deciding to take another leap with you all? (obviously she would be in good hands I know but after something like that you would expect a different outcome yea?)

Arun Singh says:

Name and shame them boys!!! Was it 'Learn To Trade'???

marcus Smith says:

Very nice vid. Sooo many fake foxex 'gurus' out there! £2,000 x 100 + people in the room and its been a good day for someone. Nice work!

Petko Enchev says:

Satin black with blue rims !!! Waiting to see it. It will be DAMN FUCKING GOOD !

ivan cabello martinez says:

You´re a great man for sharing her story with everyone because there are so many scams and people dont know what they really get into. Keep up the videos man. Im from Spain and i trade forex daily, its taken me 2 years to get just a bit of money but your videos help me out a lot so thank you for this.

Emmanuel Osahon says:

I love your videos! they're quite inspiring

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