400 Students and Faculty Sing Hymns For Teacher Who Stopped Cancer Treatment

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Over 400 students and faculty surprised Ben Ellis, a Latin and bible teacher at Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville, Tennessee. They appeared at his bedside window to sing hymns and shower him with love after he made the difficult decision to discontinue his cancer treatment. The high school principal loaded up the school buses and began to give him praise and worship. The touching moment not only lifted Ben’s spirits but also gave him some much needed strength during this difficult time.


Flagellix92 says:

8 heartless people :'(

Jade Jade says:

I'm not in this religion, but this is so heartwarming..

S IN says:

Hemp oil can save him

shallow the hedgehog says:

so dose he still have canser

Katelynn Marshall says:

I love this! ❤

Kyle Jackson says:

We sing that song at my school

Your Average American says:

Too bad we can't transfer his cancer to someone worthless like Kim kardashian.

Makayla Hall says:

I love this song!!!!!!!!!!

MeMe O. says:

This is beautiful !!! U know , there's something about the power in music that most of the times it's unexplainable. I lived it nd it does help u in some way. Blessing 4 all of them

Weezy Editz says:

So anyone watch Noahj456?

AlexTheWolf Light says:

I almost cried

Theresa Mischeski says:

One of my favorite song's ☺ Yep crying.

Serena L says:

Aww bless him what lovely students reminding me of breaking bad

Miguel Castillo says:

why dislike?

MEIA says:

I hope he doesn't start cooking meth to leave some money for his family

Pxnduh 9th says:

Awww, hope he overtakes cancer.

Cockatiel Animations says:

this made me cry.

Undecided says:

Wow that's very heartwarming he better beat cancer

Dangerous Lady says:

wow so sweet

Gaming Girl says:

IKR I like the old comment section setup

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