SpaceX UFO Explosion EXPOSED!!!

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Amazing the wall to wall coverage of the SpaceX UFO!

Maybe I can make it a little easier for some of these folks……. these are small… but those are far away!

Believe it or not, belief in UFOs is actually real… and really REALLY big on youtube! These folks aint just poe-ing it… they’re real!

The mere fact that if this was a UFO at the distance of the Falcon 9, it would only been about 1m in diameter and travelling ~ 4x the speed of sound without a sonic boom doesnt seem to have bothered them.

Nor does the fact that there were several similar ‘UFO’ buzzing around the launch pad that day seemed to have phased them in their unshakeable belief that…. ALIENS!

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CriiRye says:

Oh so you're telling me it was actually Godzilla this whole time?

I feel embarrassed for the entire human race.

Fyka 290 says:

Bullshit, they weren't Aliens. They were them Chinese in them hang gliders shooting lasers again. Damn Commies, ruin everything!

Jengus khan says:

hahahahaha add was a documentary about how aliens live under ground

Flgn Hrmb says:

The bees are clearly aliens. They were in on it the whole time.

iLoveEveryThingGuY says:

I believe it was a ufo to prevent them from taking the next step to enslaving us and our right to privacy. Zuckerburg and New World Order were putting a satellite in space for that purpose.

Alexi Thunderbird says:

You assume we're advancing rocket tech to find alien life. We are doing it to expand our resources. Not find aliens.

sferrin2 says:

I'm wondering what the faint whine was caught on some audio a few moments before the explosion. SpaceX mentioned it but I've heard nothing since. (No, not the whine of a UFO. Something mechanical but who's cause and location was unknown.)

stark1987 says:

you cant argue with those people, they have a kind of stupid that is unfixable, logic and reasoning is wasted on them

bleck flack says:

Sooo, you're telling me it's one of them tiny UFOs then right? TUFO fer short I reckon

Peex says:

What if that seagull can shoot lasers?

robin idlout says:

bruh you stupid as fuck.

Martin szmidt says:

fucking cunt hope you burn in hell gozilla

Philip Wayne says:

Graps tin foil hat Screw math and science, I just want to believe it is something else. If it were a modest sized asteroid traveling by in the distance far enough that the atmosphere were thin enough…. Wait, you said bee?!?! Must be the buggers, quick get Ender.

seb geb says:

How about a Global warming video and play around with calculations about;
-average global water temp
-average atmospheric temp
-does increasing average temp increase volume (water has the smallest density at 4 degrees celcius)
– are there any more fun factors to cypher around with?

jared tape says:


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