6 Real UFO Sightings Caught On Film

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Narrated by: Chills
Written by: Kyler Richman
Edited by: Jacob Snarr

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
jdgehlert (pond5.com)


Sir-Lancer-a-lot Gears Bros says:

you talk so werid

Kimberly T says:

I really enjoy the content of this sight but I just had to unsubscribe due to the narration. It is such a huge distraction for me. I find myself " singing along" instead of listening.

HispanicDetroiter Boy26 says:

bruh russell crow either caught a really small ufo or its photoshop

Israel SXP (DonerBrother) says:

lol i got the chills in my pants 😀 lol time for jokes

Charley Link says:

Just saying that if they are the masters of space time (and you would have to be to travel as far as they do, and how they move) any one that thinks they would hint that they are out there by flying over the Olympics, is just plain stupid. They don't even give us any regard, with is just as scary really. Do lab techs introduce them selves to the mice?

Judge Valor says:

lightlee psychologee, FUCKING STOP THIS SHIT CHUMP. Aaact. Degenerate

kEvIn mEnDeZzz says:

This foo has another channel

MPT Staff says:

I can't watch any of your videos until the end bc I get this sensation of wanting to punch you in the mouth for the way you emphasize your last syllabal of every word you say. I'd rather sit on a bed of nails and dump boiling hot tar over me than to hear you anymore! Someone kill me!!! ughh!!!

4skinmeat says:

why is this guy talking like he's been programmed. what a retard

Ultra Uploadz says:

You know…as annoying as this guy's voice sounds, THAT'S not even the reason why I'm disliking this video. I'm disliking it because this bastard must LOVE the sound of his voice, since this video is nearly 17 mins long, and about 16 of it is JUST HIM TALKING about the video, INSTEAD OF SHOWING THE FUCKING VIDEO! He literally talks about a video for 2-3 mins each time, and then shows about 6 seconds of the video! WTF is wrong with this guy? Autism or crack?

Ericka The Wicked says:

he needs to not do videos anymore.

Ericka The Wicked says:

I cannot stand this narrative. He sounds like he has a big cock up his ass.

ThatsAmber says:

alien adducts me

omg thank you huge fan

Alonzo Igisomar says:

Fuck you VeganGainz I know it's you!

John Wayne says:


dvs8r24 says:

what is up with this guy's voice. I couldn't finish watching it.

joey troutman says:

the thing that makes noises out your mouth is annoying but you have some great footage!

Matthew Jayasekera says:

This guy sounds stoned.

Sam Kim says:

lol where's all the hate for his voice suddenly coming from. was there an influx of new people?

The Joker says:

Your voice is the main reason I love this channel and also Top 15s all these haters smh

davey m. says:

I understand you have to narrate to extend the length of your videos, but why don't you actually show the videos you're describing? Instead of just screen grabs from them … so frustrating.

Camren Sherlock says:

but good job dude just just don't talk like that man

Camren Sherlock says:

y does he talk like that he sounds retarded

billy hill says:

whats wrong with your voiiicccee so annoying

twistedmetalplayer21 says:

5:04 oh my fucking god, you can see the light is from a fucking car driving by. The glare has a rode that leads to it.

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