Tour de France 2016 – Stage 12

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Backstage Pass to an unbelievable stage 12 of the Tour de France with massive crowds, crashes and cross winds.


Jorge Ontiveros martinez says:

gracias por mas tour de francia

Brendan Hills says:

wow – what a stage!

Howard Holman says:

If any one thinks bike racing is a easy little joke of a sport you are just dam eddy it, or you have never competed in a sport ware you keep your heart rate at ("140,160 bpm") fore hours like 3,4,5 hours at a time . And even at times 170bpm for a short period of time too chase and katch up. At or just before the finnish line you sprint with your heart hitting 180,190 or some of them 200+. So before you talk like an ASS as you know go out and see how easy it is thats if you dont die of a Meagher heart attack. But first see your DR . keep the rubber down and catch me if you can. THIS IS ANIMAL.
YES BOYS AND HIRLS HE_____IS____BACK. See you at the races.

Tomislav Aleksic says:

Well done guys! Keep up the good work!

t42 Press says:

the music just plain sucks it – quit it

Than Joe says:


Steve Gibson says:

I am glad Gerro will be ok. Personally, I think ANY rider who does a tour d/f deserves a medal

black flag says:

hahahaha les sucent gourdes de ouin ouin a quoi bon regarder le tour des dopé en sachant qui vas remporter le tour mdr allez les dopés gazzzzzzzzzzzzz

jyflyn says:


Anonymous says:

Awesome team. Awesome videos.

Simon Loo says:

what the title of the song in background? anyone?

Marcus Maher says:

Chris Jul Jensen…a mate of mine has a brother who knows you from Bray..haha

Jens Frede Rasmussen says:

So this episode is about 2 girls 1 cup

MG Velo says:

Hayman is the rock of Orica!!!
Such a solid stand up guy with loads of experience. The young guns look upto him and so they should. What a guy.

Terry Barham says:

My God, what a joke. To the general public Pro Cycling looks now like a 3 stooges episode.
The motorcyclist should have held steady and knocked any fool over who was in the way, If not, Mollema should have waited for Froome, and Porte, while the officalls neutralized the peleton. I know the French are arrogant, but stupidity trumps arrogance. Are the race officials and the media trying to attract viewers who watch tractor pulls, car crushers, and demolition derbies?Imagine hordes of drunken spectators storming the field in the last few minutes of the final game of the World Cup, This is the biggest race in the worlds most difficult sport. These guys deserve consideration and respect.

CAIrondad says:

Simon!! So, so sorry to hear of your broken clavicle!!! 🙁 Best wishes for you in your recovery. Also, big congrats to the team for a well run stage….. Adam, you look good in white!!!!!!!!!!!

Tedros Belay says:

vorsa team  dimension data mostly dani n nati

Boris Ivanov says:

my dad works for nintendo and he has it from a reliable sauce that george bennett and shane archibold are moving to orica greenedge

Ulaş Çakır says:

Guys your videos are so natural and the riders and the staff are alwyas happy and friendly with each other. My personal best is the video of Roubaix 2016 ( Hayman did a great job ). Absolutely great, emotional and fun to watch at the same time. Keep up the good work, well done. You are my second favourite team :D

Skate or Live says:

Nairo Quintana is so over rated, he is always caught out

BlazingBigJointz says:

What a hectic stage…

Pete F says:

What actually happened to Gerro, did the tyre roll off? I've broken both collarbones and it didn't tickle. I'd therefore like to personally nominate Gerro for the "Hard-Ass of the Week" award to continue to finish the stage! Meanwhile the Aussie golfers don't want to go to the Olympics because of the Zika virus!!!

Awesome tour by Yatesy, good job mate!

Naturalhighz says:

somehow I will need to get a job on this team one day :D

Peter Vollers says:

Godspeed to Gerro in his recovery. Let's get him back in top shape for Canada in Sept so he can win it again!

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