Tesla Unveils Autopilot Software Update

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Sept. 12 — Elon Musk unveiled a new version of Tesla’s Autopilot software that emphasizes radar over cameras to guide semi-autonomous cars. Bloomberg’s Dana Hull reports on “Bloomberg West.”


SECK says:

Evolution has always and will always require a messy transition phase. Whether it is cells, large multi cellular life, or technology. We are starting to go through the transition to EVs with mass market hybrids and are moving to a future of Tesla and the Chevy Bolt. The same is happening with autonomy. The same is happening with TV and Online. I have fully switched to using my Mac for everything from shopping to video content. I dont have a use for a TV anymore.

Carl O says:

Full autonomy? I'll pass. I like driving. It's fun. But on long boring trips it would be nice to have a system that would take over the second to second piloting of the vehicle. But if there's no way to manually take control, that's a deal breaker. And people aren't ready for it.

Kirk Clements says:

I can't wait for the plaintiffs bar to take on auto-pilot – should be a great show!!

Michael Uhlenhopp says:

I would agree on semi-automatic cars, extra eyes on road never hurts, also seems it could become more realistic future than google project.. It's better then no brainer cars, and what's the point of having self-driving car? By using transit, that could be cheaper, and always would have company.. What people could do with it if they would like to go backcountry?

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