PS4 System Software Update 4.00 Features Trailer

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PlayStation 4’s next major system software update, version 4.00 will be available September 13th. This update brings a refreshed system UI, Folders, a new Quick Menu and Share Menu, Library and more!

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Killercryp Nkomosir says:

New update. lol there's nothing new under the sun. Sony get your shit together

Devon Janvier says:

I don't like the white notification display. can't see it well now.

Aye It's Mawts says:

I can't connect to the internet now

Zillz82 says:

Still no CD player/rip yet?

unpossible11 says:

when are we going to get customized themes

Joe Nexus 7 says:

Aaannnnnnd we still can't change ID.. folder and background cover garbage

Zatoichi Theoutlaw says:

I have a Sony TV and thought I would turn on HDR for a laugh expecting it to crash the screen flickering and seeing nothing, NO it made my Division game look like I was on a high end PC! wow TURN IT ON! if you have a Sony TV fokes

Danny The gamer says:

One of my accounts has ps plus and it shares the ps plus and now it won't plz help

Brandon Favors says:

Nice CopyRight

Dasher says:

Epic man!! I just got the new update and this helped me a lot!! You just earned a subscriber!!

Jolt says:

We want a pan name changer #changeit

heated yah says:

how about better performance?

jnmk101 says:

I don't like the small icons and they removed the drop down info on games

xXMarcplayzXx says:



This is shit ps4 is the shit is console ever fuck ps4

SavaanahTrick says:

Dont care about your dumb update, GIVE ME MODES!!!!!!

Car 2004 says:

its funny that PS is still tryin to push No Mans Sky to people ha

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