Is Bariatric Surgery Right For Me?

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barbara harrigan says:

Love your video's! You are very insightful! We must ultimately make up our own minds. We are the ones that must live with the consequences. Thanks! My VSG is scheduled for Oct 25. I'm ready to take back my life!


did you have the lap ban or the sleeve done.. you mention both kinds in many different videos?

Cilano C says:

I have got a good 15 years on you but you dear Clusie are wise beyond my years! Thank you for sharing on your channel, I'm booked for my VSG on October 3rd and so much you say resonates with me. :)

Young Ego says:

You are so well spoken thank you for this, very intelligent and very pretty

cvin16 says:

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I decided last week I am done! I was at a conference we were walking back to our meeting room from the first floor to the second floor. As I headed to the elevator I noticed my friend taking the stairs. My friend is 52 years old she was is a serious car accident last year her pelvis was crushed and there she was 11 months later and she was taking the stairs and I was going to take the elevator cause I was embarrassed to be winded when I got to the top. Right then I decided Im Done with being tired, done with not being able to walk up stairs, done with being winded after walking the mall.

I called my husband tonight and asked him if he would support me having weight loss surgery. He said "NO thats the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Do you think your parents will support you do you think your kids will support you? Why don't you just eat right and work out?" I hung up questioning myself I decided do more research more and found this video. Seriously Thank you "I AM MAKING MY OWN DECISION I will not allow others not supporting it keep me from me being a better me.

Giada Marie says:

My mother just text me and asked me not to do the surgery. I wish I could show you what she sent and now she is seriously discouraging me. it has made me feel slightly depressed. I don't know what to think and its literally three days away. My surgery is on Monday. I think she is more scared than anything and thinks that I will have digestive problems, and it will give me problems down the road.

Marie LiVeAnDLoVe says:

Wow! This video was the one! i feel like im you and thats how i feel! Going to see a doctor next week for this surgery. Been thinking about this surgery for years! thank you!

Jokers R Wild Studios says:

With all the aches and pains I have in the early morning and the ones I have late at night. I feel like a 72 year old in a 27 year olds body. That's why I'm doing it.

hope 4everyday says:

Thank you! for your honesty and sharing your journey!

Laura Olsen says:

This Blog really touched my soul and rang true for me ! I'm planning on the Sleeve, if not this fall then in the Spring after I do my taxes. Can't wait, loving all your videos . Thanks for all you do !!!

Kristie Moscrop says:

thank you

Ayoki says:

Clusie u rock !!

Osiris Flores says:

I have my first appointment October 5th.

See Tammy says:

This is a great video. Thank you for your openness and honesty.

yari pichardo says:


Amanda McCoy says:

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. I had lost some weight via WW, etc, but started regaining slowly, then fast. I realized ON VACAY IN COLORADO how unhappy I was with my weight and lack of progress. I'm in the process of scheduling WLS. Thank you again!

See Tammy says:

You are wonderful and wise. Thank you

Lorri Bankers says:

I can not wait to get my surgery. I have to go to the little class and then I can get it scheduled. As I finish my appointments and classes I have been watching this channel over and over… I'm so inspired. I CAN DO THIS

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