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Unv12sL says:

Lol in actual hackathons, especially the competitive ones, the hosts dont even bother finding you teams, and even if you tried to socialize with other "pre-formed" teams some will reject you cause you hardly have any experience, but either way you have to get used to rejection and throw yourself out there, but this video doesn't accurately portray a real hackathon lol.

bousselmi farouk says:

sorry but i wont to learn how to build software and i cant find the answer yet so… help?

T21Roberts says:

When will the tears stop?

Geeksy says:

Wow! Motivating, beautiful and heart-warming! Cheers


GitHub cool …

Ricardo Cantu says:

Awesome video! Now go teach YouTube how to make promotional videos, they seem to be lost.

Rafael Corrêa Gomes says:

Very cool emotional vídeo! :)

Ronak Shah says:

6 bitbucket fanboys/girls disliked this video

Jose Fabio El que conoces says:

what a beautiful video, love it

DiglidiDudeNG says:

See, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having more women and POCs (like SJWs call them) into programming.

However, if I came over to that Hackathon booth without a team and they told me I had to wait in a "low-priority list" because I'm a white man, that's fucked up. I can't imagine anyone would find it acceptable if they were in that situation.

James Gallagher says:

How inspirational, and innovative. Well done Github for changing the lives of all developers, it will not go un-noticed.

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